Huawei Mate 40 Pro Ring Light Case is the Perfect Companion for the Selfie Lover


When it comes to mobile photography, I have always maintained that Huawei beats all of its competitors hands down. Only God knows how many people I have convinced over the years to make the switch to Huawei smartphones. OK, I may be biased but it seems that Huawei plans to reinforce the notion of them being the best in mobile photography with the introduction of a smartphone case dedicated to (selfie) photography.

The Ring Light Case is an elegantly designed unibody case with a ring light made for the Huawei Mate 40 Pro smartphone. The material used is high quality and environmentally friendly silicone, and also anti-fingerprint. The ring light, which features 54 LED lights, is seamlessly integrated into the back of the case and goes around the space ring quad-camera module of the phone. Kudos to Huawei there because the design is sleek and modern, yet unobtrusive.

Unboxing the Ring Light case, you will find no cable or anything to charge up the ring light because the charging is done wirelessly. Photo © Asia 361

One button to rule them all — everything is controlled via a small button on the ring light case. Photo © Asia 361

A small button sits below the ring light. Moving it down flips up the ring light and pressing it once for the first time will switch on the ring light. Pressing the button further will allow you to toggle the brightness of the light, as well as change the colour temperature. You can choose between three levels of brightness (low, medium and high). For the colour temperatures, the ring light offers three tones – mixed, cool and warm – for you to select to put yourself in the best light.

The Ring Light case offers three colour temperatures – mixed, cool and yellow. Photo © Asia 361

Initially I had thought that I would need to download an app in order to get the ring light to pair with the phone. I was also looking for some port on the ring light case for charging the ring light. Nope, says Huawei. Once I snapped on the ring light case to the phone, the two would pair and work together seamlessly. The ring light also makes use of the wireless charging technology of Mate 40 Pro to power up and charge up. Absolutely brilliant. All you need to is put on your brightest smile.

Those who have tried taking selfies with backlight will know that your faces will be dark. Using the in-built flash of the phone will often result in very harsh brightening of the faces and a darkening of the background. With the Huawei Ring Light case, you will be able to get a soft fill-in light for selfies and close-range photography under low-light conditions.

When the ring light is not on, there is a shadow on the face. Photo © Asia 361

With the ring light on, there is a fill-in light on the face for great selfies. Photo © Asia 361

The Huawei Ring Light case for the Mate 40 Pro is honestly quite an ingenious accessory for the phone. Now, all you have to do is to put on your biggest smile and it’s lights, camera, action.

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro Ring Light case retails for S$98 and is available at all authorised Huawei retailers.


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