Holy Smoke: Kate Moss Introduces COSMOSS Incense Sticks at Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Retreat in Thailand


Ex-supermodel Kate Moss has come up with a new wellness product – “Sacred Mist” COSMOSS incense sticks. The launch was held at the “Life & Soul Longevity Retreat” of Dr. Deepak Chopra at RAKxa Integrative Wellness in Bangkok, Thailand last month.

Kate Moss also distributed her COSMOSS Love Letters, an anthology comprising 150 affirmations that promote the unifying and illuminating potential of meditation and evoke a “soothing and calming fragrance” as the emergent paradigm for mindfulness and spirituality, during the retreat.

Kate Moss & Dr. Deepak Chopra.

At the holistic wellness retreat where Kate Moss and other visitors absorbed Deepak’s profound teachings about longevity, the new COSMOSS Sacred Mist luxury incense sticks were used as the scent.

Kate Moss and other participants of Dr. Chopra’s Life & Soul Longevity Retreat.

During the retreat that took place from 20 to 25 March 2024, Dr. Deepak Chopra—a legendary figure in the fields of integrative medicine and self-actualization—led participants. The exclusive “Life & Soul Longevity Retreat” was organised in partnership with RAKxa Integrative Wellness in Bangkok, Thailand. Guests at the retreat learned advanced spiritual meditation techniques, and received a personalised cutting-edge diagnostic and a bespoke treatment plan based on RAKxa’s and Dr. Chopra’s leading scientific discoveries regarding longevity.

Discover COSMOSS Incense Sticks

COSMOSS is a wellness brand that aims to soothe the mind, body, and spirit. The new incense sticks from the brand emit a relaxing and uplifting light smoke for transformative soul-soothing, creating a unique sensory experience enhanced with the award-winning distinctive smell of COSMOSS, Sacred Mist. The fragrance is made from aromatic plants that lift spirits.

Victoria Young, a homeopath and alchemist, collaborated with Kate Moss to create the COSMOSS Incense Sticks, which combine the calming aroma of oak moss with the energising tones of tuberose and bergamot.

The COSMOSS Incense Sticks comes with varying blend and benefits such as Oak Moss for protection, Tonka Bean for good wishes, Geranium for harmony and good humor, Jasmine for optimism, Bergamot for uplifting and Lavender for soothing and balancing. It will be available at cosmossbykatemoss.com from 5 April 2024 with 30 Moss Green Bamboo sticks going on sale at £32. Each incense stick has a burn time of about 40 minutes.


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