About Us

Asia 361 is an online lifestyle publication designed with Asians in mind.  Our readers are trend leaders in the know on the latest in food, fashion, technology, travel and all the happenings on Asia.

Why Asia 361? It’s our way of saying we cover the latest happenings of Asia 360° and beyond.  We work (ok, and sometimes play) hard to go that added extra mile to curate and deliver non-stop news to keep you inspired.  If it’s about the latest, the newest and the best, you can be sure we are sniffing them out for you.


KATHERINE GOHManaging Editor and Co-founder

profile picKatherine is the managing editor and co-founder of Asia 361, where she oversees a growing group of contributors across Asia. While writing has long been second nature to her, it was only in recent years that she got into editorial work. Prior to that, she has more than 13 years of experience in public relations, and has worked at multinational corporations such as Daimler, PayPal, and Johnson & Johnson.

On days when she is not writing, she longs to hop on a plane and travel to far-flung places with her camera in hand. A photographer at heart, Katherine sometimes prefers to tell stories through her photos than words. She is also a Getty Images contributor. Follow her on Instagram @kateyesphotography.

CALIXTO TAY, Technology Lead and Co-founder 

WK profileCalixto is a young technopreneur and IT Consultant based in Singapore. He has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, ranging from creating his own startups to doing IT consulting and development work for clients. His successful ventures include BookINBookOUT, a pre-owned textbook marketplace for tertiary students in Singapore, and Originally US, a mobile app and website development company trusted by MNCs and startups alike.

An active contributor in the Singapore IT scene, Calixto is also the proud recipient of Singapore Computer Society’s IT Youth Award 2014 and Information Technology Management Association’s Future Information Technology Leader Award 2013. When not eating or coding, Calixto enjoys awesome first-person shooters such as Battlefield 4 and TitanFall.



MANDY NG, Contributing Editor (Singapore) 

MandyNgMandy is a foodie who dreams of having a bottomless stomach that she can fill with all kinds of delicious things. Her journey into the culinary world began out of necessity. Faced with an empty kitchen, a weekly trip to the market opened up possibilities (and her senses). Unbeknownst to her, her trips for fresh local produce and experiments in the kitchen were the start of a lifelong obsession with food.

FEN CHIA, Writer (Singapore)

Wan Fen

Fen is a writer and a fervent amateur photographer. Particularly passionate about food heritage and emerging destinations, she frequently merges both pursuits with trips to hone her palate. She has made it her permanent personal mission to document vanishing trades and lifestyles. Fen is also an aspiring polyglot with fluencies in several European languages.  She dreams of a mammoth expedition across the former Soviet Union one day.

JUSTIN TEO, Senior Writer (Singapore)

Justin is a noobie writer who still finds it hard to believe anybody would want to publish anything he writes. Thanks to the Internet, he is now unstoppable in his quest to becoming famous. When Justin is not correcting his own grammar for his writing, he can be found trying to bake, learning digital photography or drooling over sexy new tech toys.

DR DANIEL CHANG, Writer (Singapore) 

Dr Daniel ChangDaniel Chang is an Aesthetic Physician with a passion for beautifying people. He is a proud father of one, and when he is not busy looking after his baby princess, he volunteers at a free clinic, which he has been doing for the last few years, and at the Prisons, making a small difference, one person at a time. He is also a die-hard athlete. His ambition is to compete in the Hawaii Ironman before he turns 40 and jam with a band before he turns 45.

LIM ZHEN QIN, Writer (Singapore) 

ZQ_asia361 profileZhen Qin is a geek at heart who counts his trips to San Diego Comic-Con and Spiel (Essen) among his best experiences overseas, even though all he did was spending days roaming convention halls to gape at comic books and board games. When not looking for a beach holiday to relax by the water and bask in the sun, he can be found online smashing pixels in MMORPGs (that’s Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games).

GOH GUO HUA, Writer (Singapore) 

Guo hua profileGuo-Hua, or Jeremy as known to some, travels in pursuit of life experiences, to discover truths and to connect. Foremost an explorer, he loves photography, languages, rock climbing, kayaking, history and current affairs. He is currently waiting for an opportunity for long term travel.  Recently married, his wife seeks to broaden his horizons by bringing him to places he’d never otherwise go to like Hong Kong, Seoul and Bangkok.

MARK TAN, Writer (Singapore) 

markFoodie. Drinker. Dreamer. Superhero-wannabe. That is what Mark is, exactly in that order. He is also a lover of travel, and wants to put his fledging knowledge of photography for the greater good of mankind. Interpersonal relationships both intimidate and fascinate him. Meanwhile, Mark is crossing his fingers  for the invention of the time machine before his time on Earth is up. (Hear that, Stephen Hawking?)

SHANNON SOH, Writer (Singapore) 

ShannonShannon is a twenty-something who perpetually enjoys eating and travelling. To reward herself for ‘conquering’ her law assignments, the law undergraduate can occasionally be found going on food hunts. Shannon is also game for new experiences and would try pretty much anything, as long as it does not involve lizards or crazy heights. Check out more of her experiences on Instagram.

EMILY KOH, Writer (Singapore)

Emily is a lady with a profound penchant for spices and exotic flavours. While she is not spending her time reading law, she can be found dancing Latin ballroom and stuffing her face with good food (not simultaneously, thankfully!). An adrenaline junkie, Emily is also a sports fanatic who aims to finish an ultramarathon some day. She hopes to savour all the flavours of the world, one adventure at a time.

UTEK LEONG, Writer and Photographer (Singapore)

UTEK_PHOTO profileUtek is an aspiring photographer that enjoys photography and writing, both of which are mediums for the creative expression of what he believes in. He spends his time on his personal photographic projects, the occasional commissioned job and a good part of it writing about himself in a third-person point of view. He maintains his photo blog and portfolio at www.youtakephotos.com with the faint hope that someone actually reads it.

MELANIE ONG, Writer (Singapore)

Melanie OngMelanie Ong is your new age hotelier that uses her connections to elevate guest experience. She is also constantly looking for what’s new and next in town. An avid traveller who loves culture and fashion, she is always on a constant lookout for destinations that are untouched. Besides being a food junkie, she keeps fit by doing yoga, swim or surfing. Her ideal perfect day would be lazy-ing by the beach and enjoying the perfect sunset.

VANESSA HENG, Writer (Singapore) 

Vanessa HengVanessa is an undergraduate at the Singapore Management University, pursuing a Bachelor of Laws degree. Her passion for the written word stems from the desire to inspire, to evoke and to change. Vanessa is also a traveller and a foodie.  In her free time, she explores isolated parts of Singapore in search for food that brings delight to one’s tastebuds.

MATHILDE MOYELL JUUL, Writer (Singapore/Denmark)

Mathilde ProfileAs a teenager, Mathilde experimented with a Hi8 videocamera and hasn’t looked back since! With an MA in journalism and 15 years of TV experience in the bag, she quit her job as editor to seek adventures out East. The curious Dane and Mum of two has travelled the world’s continents, but loves Singapore where her top three hobbies are constantly fulfilled: travel, good food and exploring cultures. Follow her on her blog and Instagram.

JOSMIN ONG, Writer (Singapore) 
JosminA former Team Singapore athlete, health and fitness have been a large part of Josmin’s lifestyle. She is a writer by day and gym rat by night. As much as she loves her salads and protein shakes, she also enjoys café hopping and the occasional indulgence in truffle fries and ice cream. As an active girl herself, she hopes to conquer most of the adrenaline-packed activities in the world.


SOON KOON, Writer (Singapore) 

profile - soon koonStreaming his favorite rock and jazz tunes in his living room stereos, Soon Koon enjoys his music which accompanies him while he blogs. As a Dad blogger, he loves to take photographs of his family’s activities, pens down his experiences on his blog, Lemon Film. He hopes to travel around the world, taste different ethnic cuisines, be a better cook and experiment with new tech gadgets.

ALOYSIUS SOH, Writer (Singapore) 

aloysiussohAloysius loves food, particularly steak cooked to a perfect rareness of medium and accompanied by a bottle of Pinot noir. In his free time, he enjoys exploring new recipes and cooking dishes for his loved ones. A self-proclaimed ‘gadget geek’, Aloysius is intrigued by the beauty of new technologies that make the impossible possible. His passion for gadgets and technology makes him the go-to person among friends when they are buying new gadgets.

VALERIE CHAN, Writer (Singapore)

Valerie ChanValerie has a sweet tooth and will seldom turn down dessert. She delights in writing and making music. A black pen is her weapon of choice, of which her imagination is the driving force. On the side, Valerie is known for breaking into songs at inopportune moments, binge-watching an assortment of shows and talking fanatically about cats.


VANESSA CHAN, Writer (Singapore) 

Vanessa ChanVanessa Chan is a hobbyist illustrator and a cat lady in training. She spends her free time looking for new food places to try. Vanessa never gets tired of a good Chirashi-don and parmigiana. She always makes sure to leave room for dessert. Vanessa has illustrated a local children’s book entitled “Animal City”. Some of her artworks can be seen at society6.com/vanessachan.

BECX, Writer (Singapore) 

Rebecca KoBecx is a digital marketer and a part-time postgraduate student with Manchester Business School. On her off days, besides studying, she is in the kitchen cooking up a storm (#becxkitchen) or taking her foldie out for spin.  A closet travel planner, she enjoys researching and planning travel itinerary; currently she is planning a trip to Russia via Trans-Siberia when time permits.

VET LEOW, Writer (Singapore) 

Vet Leow has a passion for all things quirky. With an eye for details, she loves to try out new restaurants and explore new places. She is also a firm believer in having a good attitude in life and a spirit of excellence in all her endeavours. Vet is also a food, travel and lifestyle blogger at misschocoholic.com. Visit her Instagram account @vetleow where she shares more of her musings.

PAMELA EE, Writer (Singapore) 

Pamela EePamela is a girl whom you can hear before you see. You wouldn’t want to pick her brains as you might get lost inside. Pamela occasionally organises her thoughts and pens them down. She enjoys being out and about under the sun. Although she may not look it, she enjoys doing cross-stitch and aims to travel to all seven continents one day. She is probably also the biggest Potter-head you can find.

SHAH JAHAN, Writer (Singapore)

ShahShah is a communications professional who has branding and media relations experience across a variety of sectors. When not consulting clients on their branding strategy and getting them in relevant media platforms, he packs his bags and takes off on adventures. Of late, he finds solace in writing about everything else, but his clients in his spare time. Drop him a note at [email protected] – he will work for really good briyani, at times.

FUNG YUN SHAN, Writer (Singapore) 

Yun ShanYun Shan is a writer with a passion for all things artsy, historical or classical. In her leisure time, she’s either checking out the latest musical, going on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure in an unknown location or climbing at the rock wall. She believes in the beauty of sports and the arts — that one can’t do without the other, and that one cannot be if they are not together. Follow her adventure on Instagram @yunnnnnshan.

PAN ZAIXIANG, Writer (Singapore)
zaixiangZaixiang is an aspiring sports writer who is also a fervent supporter of the local footballing scene. A guy with an opinion and passion for sports writing, he is also an active social footballer who spends his free time having a kickabout with his team. Check out his intriguing and thought-provoking articles about Singapore football at www.sgfootybites.blogspot.com. Look out for updates on his latest articles by following @sgfootybites on Instagram.
DIONNE TEO, Writer (Singapore) 
DionneDionne wants everything she writes to make a difference. She does not appreciate the frivolous nor does she want the fame. She hates the cream between oreos, and will pick plain bread any day. She’s got a penchant for cough syrup and Kawasaki bikes. Her favourite kinds of movies are the ones that make her cry. Above all, what Dionne really, is a girl who hopes to always give.

JASLYNN YEO, Writer (Singapore) 
jaslynnJaslynn is a petite girl with big dreams of starting her own bakery one day. She enjoys writing as it gives her the freedom to express herself and show a different side of her. A gym rat at heart, you will find her lifting heavy weights on days when she is not writing. Her secret dream retirement plan is to adopt all the abandoned dogs in the world and live with them in a quiet countryside off New Zealand.

VANESSA KOH, Writer (Singapore)
vanessa kohVanessa is a 20-something who is intent on finding out what really makes her tick. For now, she is an aspiring writer who enjoys dabbling in anything lifestyle-related. When she is not in school or at work, you can find her binge-watching her favorite American television drama “Castle”. She also seeks respite in the kitchen and has an intense love for the creation of food. Follow her on her blog where her thoughts on self, food, life and travel collide.
CLAUDIA LIM, Writer (Singapore) 
claudiaClaudia is a mother to two girls and blogs about their adventures on The Loving Mum. She seeks new adventures every day and freezes these memories of her girls with her camera. The three ladies love pretty clothes, yummy snacks, and lots of fun and play! Claudia is also the co-founder of Getgo Parents, a better place for modern parents.

WILSON WONG, Writer (Singapore) 
WilsonWilson Wong loves all good things in life, but most of all, he loves photography and travel. He believes to experience life is to be in the thick of things, and travelling and photography are two things that help him to be immersed in the wider world. He also loves watching movies, get immersed in a good book and engage in deep conversation. Check out his thoughts and travels at wilzworkz.com.
CHARMAINE LIM, Writer (Singapore)

Charmaine LimCharmaine is an aspiring writer with many obsessions. She is a full-time wanderer and foodie, is fanatical about music and the rap culture. She is immensely passionate about coffee and fitness and can always found in a coffeehouse or the gym. She rambles quite a bit, and takes her ramblings to her personal blog charmzybamsy.wordpress.com.

GLORIA KHO, Writer (Singapore)
GloriaGloria is a fashion junkie who may not necessarily dress the part all the time, but on the inside, she has a fervent love for fashion and follows the industry very closely. On days when she’s not fawning over fashion weeks, or upcoming trends, you can find her at the cinema trying to catch the latest blockbuster or thriller movies. If not, your best bet would be at home, where she’ll be snuggled up with a book in hand.
CHUA XINEN, Writer (Singapore) 

World traveller and author by day, inspirational daydreamer by night. She traded in multiple computer screens in 2015 in exchange for a backpack and a desire to inspire solo female travel. She will probably write a novel one day but for now, has an awkward struggle with receiving praise and a penchant for bad jokes. Her mom does not find her funny. Read more of her adventures at Koala Travels The World.

SHAUNA SOH, Writer (Singapore) 

Shauna SohShauna Soh is a huge animal lover, and can always be found cozying up to her furry friends. When not receiving puppy kisses, she is most likely on a hunt for chocolate, part of the sweet tooth’s quest to savour all the chocolatey desserts out there. Gluttony aside, the self-professed bookworm enjoys writing poetry, reading, and occasionally picking up a pen or two to do lettering.

MICHELLE NG, Writer (Singapore) 

Michelle NgMichelle provides an interesting commentary into anything that catches her attention, be it travelling, music, fashion, or even food. Having recently picked up her first old school film camera, she loves capturing in the moment shots of her favourite singers. Else, you can find her skulking at the back of some obscure concert to while her time away. Find her on instagram @ciarakoko to take a look at precious snapshots of her life.

CARRIE ER, Writer (Singapore) 

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetCarrie is currently an undergraduate who is exploring what life has got to offer her and so far it has ignited her passion for writing. She finds writing an outlet for her to express her innermost sentiments and to share the joy in discovering novel places, activities, and whatnot. Other than writing, she is found running, doing Pilates or daydreaming and letting her imagination run wild. Check out snippets of her life at @carrieer.

MARK TAN, Writer (Singapore) 


Mark is the proverbial adrenaline junkie who frequently goes on long road trips. He too enjoys skiing, and boating around the offshore islands of Singapore and riding to the far ends of Singapore in his two-wheeler to explore undiscovered landscapes. Also a japanese anime and mecha addict, he loves going to Japan to immerse himself in their otaku culture.

IVAN LIM, Writer (Singapore) 

picIvan finds it strange to write about himself from the third person but he shall try. He’s rather proud of the fact that he has amassed more than 5000 Instagram photos, on which he has numerous legit (to himself) hashtags series, with two dedicated to eating and drinking. He’s partial to shower concerts and sometimes thinks in song lyrics and movie quotes. He has this one clichéd bucket list item of visiting every single Disneyland in the world.

VERNA GOH, Writer (Singapore) 

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.05.40 pmVerna is a lawyer-in-training and a girl with a big heart and bigger dreams that reading law doesn’t even come close to realising. She is intrigued by the beauty of natural landscapes and new experiences and hopes to explore (and taste) more of the world in time to come. A creature of summer, Verna is happiest when she is soaking in the sun, or enjoying her long weekly runs and swims. Do check out her life on Instagram @summersilhouettes.

FONG WEI KURK, Writer (Singapore) 

Kurk masquerades as a lawyer by day but daydreams of being a professional rugby player. For now, he is content with disabusing young upstarts from notions of legal practice as a glamorous career. His intense love-hate relationship with food (loves eating with a passion, hates the weight gain) has surprisingly seen him lose almost 40kg from a weight too embarrassing for print. Hopefully, it stays that way.

NICHOLAS TSE, Writer (Singapore) 

12390956_10153285907437966_4587335205418854955_nNicholas is a journalist by day and an aspiring best-selling novelist by night. Coffee is his poison. He is also a sucker for vigilante flicks like Arrow and The Flash. If Nicholas weren’t a writer, you might find him on HDB rooftops in a mask when night falls.

HUANG YIMIN, Writer (Singapore/New York)

Profile pic_nYimin loves literature, and believes every story is worth telling no matter who tells it, and what it is about, as long as it reflects us and the world we live in very real ways. She also appreciates the aesthetics in fashion, style and design. She loves excellent foreign films and enjoys learning more than one language and culture. Her favorite animals are dogs and rabbits, always.


TINY PANG, Writer (Sydney, Australia)

profileTiny is a small lady living in Sydney, Australia. Her average day can be described as a glorious melange of numbers, code, delicious food and cats. People are one of the most wonderful parts of her life and she enjoys doing puzzles, cooking and playing various sports with these people. Tiny loves learning new things and meeting new people, and dreams of a nomadic lifestyle filled with endless travel.


Joe Kelly, Writer (Vancouver, Canada)

joe-kellyDr. Joe Kelly is an author, educator and speaker. He teaches university courses and corporate workshops on how to think and act like a change-maker, has authored numerous articles in mainstream media and academic journals, and has presented to audiences around the globe. Determined to walk the talk, he recently completed a yearlong challenge to make a positive difference in the world, everyday for a year. On his blog, he shares his opinions and adventures in creating change. Connect with Joe at http://www.joe-kelly.com.


FREY, Senior Writer (Jakarta, Indonesia) 

fandy new profileFrey is a daytime hotelier and freelance writer from Jakarta, Indonesia. His ventures are all about travel, food and lifestyle. He hides behind a persona as he operates incognito while checking out restaurants and cafes. His heart beats faster when he discovers little shops, and tasted countless new foods. Asia 361 is his own digital travel best-of list.

Tatu Hutami, Writer (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.53.18 pmTatu Hutami is a writer with a soft spot for art, travel, film, food, technology, environment, men, and human. She also likes to touch people with her words, ideas, and perhaps her charm. Right now, she is struggling to write more in her blog jakartanistic.com. While not busy writing, she is  mingling on the net or watching new TV series. And if you ask her about her name, no, her name is not related to that duo from Russia.


SYNTHIA KEK, Writer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 

Synthia KekHaving been in public relations for 11 years since 2004, Synthia found passion in writing and food. At the same time, she also loves fashion and beauty. Her admiration for beautiful things led her to translate that into writing so she could share the good things with other people. Follow her on her blog and Instagram @estee023.

WANNY LEE, Writer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

wannyWanny Lee is a Kuala Lumpur-based writer and travel addict. She often cultivates a carefree lifestyle while indulging on good books, good foods and good music (rock genre, to be specific!).  But above all, she treasures life’s simplicity and is often found sipping a glass of good liquor while watching the world pass by.


DAPHNIE LOONG, Writer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 

Daphnie LoongDaphnie is living the life she has always wanted since she stumbled into freelance writing three years ago. She is mostly seen armed with coffee on one hand and a book on the other with her head in the clouds, dreaming of her next travel adventure. Fuelled mostly by curiosity and coffee, Daphnie is currently into collecting experiences and photographs which you can explore through her Instagram profile @daphloong.

AMY NG, Writer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Amy_portrait_final_roundAmy Ng is a teacher, writer and a self-taught illustrator. Her blog Pikaland, is popular stop for illustration lovers, students and artists who are looking for answers on how to find a balance between art, creativity and commerce. Amy is also an adjunct lecturer at a local design college and has created online workshops for artists, teaching them how to use their unique strengths to create their very own opportunities.

MARJORIE MENDOZA, Writer (Malaysia/The Philippines)

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 11.25.46 pmMarjorie Mae Mendoza is a Filipino freelance writer currently based in Kuala Lumpur and has been writing professionally since 2010. Standing with one of the largest broadcasting networks in the Philippines, she is a voice behind the console as a radio DJ and broadcaster. To enhance her skills, Marjorie is continuously working as a creative writer to constantly improve and develop her own style.

REIA AYUNAN, Writer (Malaysia/The Philippines) 

reia profileRei is a Filipina cosplayer, gamer, foodie and coffee addict currently working in Malaysia as Community Manager at migme. She loves to travel, read books, listen to music, play videogames, watch movies, try out new cuisines and sing. Apart from being a frustrated singer, photographer and cook, she’s also a frustrated writer. But thanks to blogging she’s now able to put her frustrated dreams into reality.


ALYSSA MARTINEZ, Writer (The Philippines) 

alyssa martinezAlyssa is a coffee-drinker, eReader addict and blogger. She is also the founder of a fashion and beauty blog called StyleVanity.com and a contributor to several websites. Alyssa is currently working towards a degree with an emphasis in shopping (opps, she means painting). One day, she hopes to fulfil her dream of going backpacking around the world.

JULIA ESCAÑO, Writer (The Philippines) 

Julia profileJulia is an aspiring nomad, who now enjoys a pseudo hippie lifestyle as a freelance writer after saying goodbye to an 8-to-5 advertising job in 2012. These days she focuses on balancing her location-independent but internet-dependent job and traipsing around far-flung exotic locales that usually have bad internet. She’s a photography fiend, scuba enthusiast and nature lover. She documents her adventures and misadventures alike on her travel blog Wandering Julia.


ALEX LIANG, Writer (London, UK)

Alex LiangLondon-based Alex works in media and PR and is a prolific blogger and Youtuber. His blog “Limpeh Is Foreign Talent has over 7 million hits. As an avid traveler who has worked in many countries around the world, Alex has plenty of interesting stories to share. He is also a polyglot who speaks seven languages and has founded www.eurekalanguages.com to encourage people to learn a foreign language or three.


GOH WEIYING, Writer (Singapore/New York, USA)

Profile - Goh Wei YingWeiying loves travelling, eating, theatre, photography and all off-beat things. She strives to overcome her epic clumsiness but it is an ingrained childhood affliction after she fell on durian shells at the age of three. Though she has tried food from pretty much every continent, her favourite dish is still home-cooked Chinese soups. She struggles with finding the right word sometimes but apparently not this time. She also brews up epic stories for ShopBack.

CLARE TAN, Writer (California, USA) 

Profile - Clare TanClare is a mid-lifer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Often mistaken for a “tai tai”, she spends a lot of time deciding what to feed her husband for dinners.  She calls herself a runner but is a slowpoke. When out running at the trail, she’s always thinking of what projects to start next.  You can find out what she’s up to at sg_mnmlist_sv.