Hop On the Magnum Express for a Taste of Magnum’s New Exciting Flavours: Euphoria, Wonder and Chill


Get ready, ice cream lovers! Magnum is about to shake up your taste buds with its enticing new trifecta of flavours. Guaranteed excellent treats to make you lick to the stick and cool you down during the hot weather these days, these new flavours promise pure indulgence in every bite. The new Pleasure Express line from the world-renowned ice cream brand Magnum includes three of their most delicious and premium flavors: Vegan Chill Blueberry Cookie, Wonder Golden Toffee, and Euphoria Pink Lemonade.

Let Magnum’s Pleasure Express Takes You

There is a joyful surprise at the centre of the Pleasure Express range—the legendary Magnum stick—for a taste of pure bliss. Magnum invites Pleasure Seekers to discover new worlds with each new variation dipped in their characteristic cracking chocolate, where you can delight in delectable layers of textures and flavours. Depending on your mood, this multi-sensory experience can transport you to three different states: euphoria, wonder, and chill.

Have a Taste of Euphoria, Wonder and Chill

Indulge in the irresistible combination of tart lemon ice cream and refreshing raspberry sorbet in Magnum Euphoria Pink Lemonade. It’s the perfect ice cream for Pleasure Seekers who want to let go and embrace their playful side. Delectable bursting candy and white cracking chocolate overlay the ice cream.

Magnum Euphoria Pink Lemonade.

Magnum Wonder Golden Toffee will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey of pure happiness. An unexpected date and toffee-flavoured ice cream core sits beneath a layer of rich golden caramel breaking chocolate with crunchy caramelised almond pieces, all encased in a velvety layer of ice cream.

Magnum Wonder Golden Toffee.

Savour life more leisurely with Magnum Vegan Chill Blueberry Cookie, the ideal late-night treat. Layers of velvety biscuit, vanilla ice cream, and a luscious blueberry sorbet are encased in thick, crackling vegan chocolate and garnished with decadent dark cookie bits.

Magnum Vegan Chill Blueberry Cookie.

All Aboard the Pleasure Express: Beyond Worlds

Taking design cues from the Magnum Pleasure Express series, the Beyond Worlds attraction takes pleasure seekers on an artificial intelligence-driven adventure. Experience the thrilling world of the Pleasure Express at the acclaimed ION Art museum from 26 April to 5 May 2024, from 10 am to 10 pm daily (last walk-in at 9.30 pm).

Magnum Pleasure Express: Beyond Worlds is an exhibition that does not charge admission. Just present evidence of purchase of any Magnum ice cream from any islandwide merchant or eCommerce site in order to board the Pleasure Express AI experience.

The Magnum’s Pleasure Express exhibit.

Entering the Pleasure Express platform, guests are invited to create their voyage through a unique blend of mood expression and AI-powered creativity. Magnum aims to engage the senses and enrich the ice cream experience. You will be asked to fill out a personality questionnaire that will help you express your feelings and tastes. With this unique information, a QR code will be created to lead you to a realm of interactive discovery.

Amazing visuals are ever present at the Pleasure Express AI Experience.

Step into the carriage of the Magnum Pleasure Express and let yourself be enchanted by the exquisite works of artificial intelligence. Zixuan Nian, an AI artist, painstakingly enhanced the three new Magnum flavors with his works, turning them into a visual symphony of brilliant colors and breathtaking images.

For individuals in search of further indulgence, Magnum presents the Play for Pleasure VR Mobile Experience. Guests may embark on a thrilling mission to find hidden Magnum ice cream sticks in this intriguing smartphone game. Each stick holds the potential to redeem exceptional vouchers. Pleasure Seekers can also stop at specific stations around the exhibition to create unique postcards that record their incredible Pleasure Express experience.

Experience the Play for Pleasure VR Mobile Experience on your smartphone.

The Magnum Pleasure Express: Beyond Worlds exhibition provides art lovers with a visual feast in addition to the exciting Pleasure Express AI experience and engaging activities. Guests can take a leisurely stroll through the breathtaking gallery and marvel at the mesmerising artwork displayed on the walls. Every item reflects the lively Pleasure Express collection and is proof of the harmonious union of taste and craftsmanship meant to heighten the experience of pleasure across all five senses.

The Pleasure Express also caters to art lovers.


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