Uniworld Boutique River Cruises Readies Its Sail for a New Super Ship in 2026


Not fond of crowded ocean liner cruises? Well, the offerings from Uniworld Boutique River Cruises might just be your cup of tea and come 2026, the luxury river cruise provider is set to launch the S.S. Emilie, the newest Super Ship in Europe – named after the life partner and muse of the famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, who greatly influenced him.

Uniworld’s new build S.S Emilie is set to debut in 2026. The S.S Victoria pictured sail in 2024.

According to Ellen Bettridge, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the company, the launch will be a fitting occasion to commemorate Uniworld’s half-century jubilee, as Bettridge pointed out. This remarkable new vessel confirms the company’s commitment to offering their guests the finest, most opulent ships and the greatest quality.

The S.S. Emilie will be joining the Rhine and Moselle rivers in 2024 and the Rhine in 2025 for their debuts as Super Ships, alongside the S.S. Victoria. Furthermore, since 2020, Uniworld has expanded its fleet with five additional Super Ships. These include the following: the Mekong Jewel, which can be found on the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia; the Aria Amazon, which can be found on the Maranon and Ucayali rivers in Peru; the S.S. São Gabriel, which can be found on the Duouro in Portugal; San Luca, which can be found on the Venetian Lagoon; and Sphinx, which can be found on the Nile in Egypt.

Designed to mirror the ports they visit, Uniworld ships are floating boutique hotels with five-star ratings. For an unforgettable all-inclusive river cruise, choose one of our elegant and uniquely designed ships, each offering personalised service, farm-to-table meals, and well-planned excursions.

For more details, visit the Uniworld website.


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