Get High on This Sugar – Chez Vous’ Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination Treatment


Pour some sugar on me. Or more specifically, my hair. That was exactly what Chez Vous – Singapore’s first director-only luxury hair salon – did to my hair when I paid them a visit.

Those in the industry would be familiar with Chez Vous, which has been around for over 25 years. The premium hair salon has consistently come up with revolutionary hair treatments, such as the Chez Vous Trilogy Hair Care System, Hair Botox + Fillers Therapy and many more, over the years. Not one to rest on its laurels, Chez Vous took on the Hair Lamination treatment that’s been trending around the world and gave it an upgrade through their own R&D. The result? Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination is born.

Photo © Chez Vous

What is Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination?

Hair lamination is a process whereby the hair is coated with a thin layer of laminate – made up of ingredients such as gelatine, keratin or oils – to add shine and sheen to hair and make it soft. Chez Vous took the basic hair lamination process further by tapping on the benefits of sugar and came up with a new Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination treatment.

Exclusive to only Chez Vous, the Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination treatment uses two sugar-based actives called Hydroxypropyl Gluconamide and Hydroxypropyl Ammonium Gluconate to reinforce the hair’s internal structure by up to three times. Chez Vous also uses a proprietary “laminate” made up of ceramides, collagen, hydrolysed silk and natural oils for this new treatment.

The reparative treatment promises hair to be 40% less fizzy, 30% stronger, 20% smoother, 10% more hydrated and 5% glossier. It can also last up to six weeks while other regular in-salon treatments typically lose their effects after a few washes.

The Treatment Process

Chez Vous’ Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination takes only 60 minutes – short, compared to some of the arduous hair treatments in the market. My treatment began with a short massage, followed by a hair cleanse using Oribe Serene Scalp Shampoo that contains sugar maple extracts. A mixture made up of sugar-based actives, Vitamin C, camu camu extract and bixa orellana seed extract was then applied onto my hair.

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The sugar-based actives would penetrate deep into the hair cortex to repair the hair. Vitamin C, as many of us know, is a powerful anti-oxidant and when used on the hair, it protects your tresses from environmental sources of free radicals and oxidative damage. When the keratin-based structures of our hair become susceptible to oxidative damage, that’s when issues like split ends, frizz and loss of lustre occur.

I am personally a fan of camu camu and use skincare products with extracts of this small and mighty Amazonian berry. Camu Camu actually has 30 times more Vitamin C than an orange. Bixa orellana also hails from South America and contains high levels of anti-oxidants. These two natural extracts work together to smoothen the hair, as well as reduce porosity and frizz.

I had though that all these nourishment was more than sufficient for my hair. But no, subsequent steps include the application of hyaluronic acid, amino oil and linoleic acid to help seal in moisture and create a protective layer.

I was pleased as punch with the results of the treatment. My hair felt much lighter, despite all the nourishment that went into it. I also couldn’t stop touching my hair which was smooth as silk. The look was not like that of rebonding; my hair still looked natural with my natural curls intact, sans all the frizz. The morning after my treatment, I still woke up with glossy smooth hair. This is one sugar that I can really get addicted to.

My hair before and after treatment. Photo © Asia 361

Chez Vous’ Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination starts from S$235. This treatment is only available exclusively at the main salon of Chez Vous.

Chez Vous (Main Salon)
391 Orchard Road
#05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium
Singapore 238872
Tel: +65 6732 9388


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