IPPUDO Launches 2024 Menu With New Snacks and Plant-Based Options


Ramen chain IPPUDO has launched its 2024 Grand Menu which presents a slew of new ramen and rice dishes, sides and desserts, including plant-based items for a more inclusive dining experience. Its BAR IPPUDO concepts at Mohamed Sultan, Shaw Centre, i12 Katong and One Holland Village have also introduced several new delectable bar bites.

The plant-based ramen bring groundbreaking new flavours. The Nirvana NY (S$18) is a departure from the usual Hakata noodle texture, with its hand-pressed wavy noodles topped with grilled eggplant chashu, enoki tempura, spring onion, savoury grated carrots, all finished with a drizzle of onion oil.

Nirvana NY plant-based ramen. Photo © IPPUDO.

Meanwhile, the Plant Miso (S$19) features a combination of miso base and plant-based broth, served with wavy noodles, corn, spinach, naruto and seaweed. Note that there is still a slice of pork belly chashu in this one! For a lighter plant-based ramen, the Wadashi Vege (S$18) takes healthier to a higher level with wholegrain ramen served in a smooth dashi broth meticulously prepared from porcini mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and kelp, topped with tamago, menma, daikon, radish, sprouts and leek.

Plant miso ramen. Photo © IPPUDO.

I like my meat, so despite willing myself to try plant-based soup for once I still caved in for IPPUDO’s famed pork broth in the end by having the new Chikara Tonkotsu (S$22). It is essentially a levelled up version of IPPUDO’s classic Shiromaru Ramen, with the same homemade thin noodles in signature tonkotsu broth topped with a large portion of pork belly chashu slices, menma, spring onion, egg, naruto and seaweed. This was creamy but light, perfect if you do not like  your ramens too salty and heavy.

Chikara Tonkotsu ramen comes with a huge portion of meat. Photo © Fen Chia.

For a richer and more flavourful soup, go for the ‘half-and-half’ Yokohama Shoyu (S$19) ramen, which is a mix of shoyu and IPPUDO’s signature tonkotsu broth, served with flat noodles, pork belly chashu, menma, spinach, naruto and seaweed.

Yokohama Shoyu ramen, if you like a saltier and stronger soup base. Photo © Fen Chia.

If you are the rice sidekick of your ramen-lover friend, there are now more two options on top of fried rice. Karaage Rice (S$10) features juicy deep-fried chicken breaded with original garlic panko. If you like pork, the Chashu rice (S$10) has IPPUDO’s pork belly chashu grilled to smoky goodness and garnished with kinshi tamago (shredded egg), mayonnaise and spring onions.

Patrons at all IPPUDO outlets can also enjoy two new sides, the Teba Kara (S$10), crispy and juicy  chicken wings coated with a homemade spicy gekikara sauce that packs a punch from Sichuan peppers and chives. Meanwhile, in a rare item on the IPPUDO menu that features beef, Teppan Beef Steak (S$22) features tender grilled steak cubes glazed in an original teppan sauce and served with pan-seared cabbage, garlic mayo and chopped parsley.

Teba Kara. Photo © IPPUDO.

Teppan Beef Steak. Photo © IPPUDO.

At BAR IPPUDO outlets, tasty new bar grub promise to stretch your drinks session. The Fried Brussel Sprout Typhoon Shelter (S$6.00) comprises fried crunchy brussels sprouts enlivened with a savoury anchovy sauce and garlic panko, while the Pork Chashu Shumai  (S$6) presents IPPUDO’s signature chashu that has been minced and rolled into wholesome dumplings topped with tomato paste and served with chilli oil and sesame sauce.  The Chashu Pulled Pork (S$8), meanwhile, is derived from the best flavours of IPPUDO’s chashu shredded, pulled, and mixed with a housemade honey mustard mayo sauce, perfect to be enjoyed with accompanying gyoza chips.

Fried Brussel Sprout Typhoon Shelter. Photo © Fen Chia.

Pork Chashu Shumai. Photo © Fen Chia.

The biggest crowd pleaser is undoubtedly the Mentai Mac N’ Cheese (S$10), macaroni on a hotplate topped with a buttery blend of cheese and mentaiko for a creamy and rich treat. More original and interesting, though, are Chestnut Frits (S$10), chestnut slices fried into golden chips in a coating of tempura and Hotate Fried Spring Roll (S$8.00), crispy rolls of chopped scallops dusted generously with pecorino cheese, with a zesty accompaniment of homemade yuzu kosho. To end off with something sweet, the new Crepe Brûlée (S$10) is a caramelised crepe dessert drenched in a housemade sauce with rich, creamy mascarpone cheese.

Mentai Mac N’ Cheese. Photo © Fen Chia.

Crepe Brûlée. Photo © IPPUDO.

With these appetising bar bites available, IPPUDO has truly become more than a ramen outlet. Head to BAR IPPUDO outlets if you want the best of both worlds, and a splash of Japanese liqueurs to top it off.

IPPUDO has 14 eateries islandwide, with BAR IPPUDO concepts at IPPUDO Mohamed Sultan, Shaw Centre, i12 Katong and One Holland Village.  More information on outlets and opening hours can be found here.


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