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The fabulous times of the Eras Tour in Singapore may have come and gone, but most of you will surely remember Taylor Swift’s iconic line about her hair returning to factory settings here in Singapore. Well, if even a pop superstar’s mane is no match for our Singaporean humidity – I’m not too sure I stand a chance against it.

It’s not just the heat in Singapore that has an effect on our hair; it’s our lifestyles – our hydration, working hours, sleep times and stress levels can play a part in how our hair looks too. With irregular schedules and the occasional eight hour shift without a sip of water, it’s about time my own frizz could use some pampering.

With the help of Oriental Hair Solutions, I was able to get a quick revival for my scalp and hair – and walked away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Since its beginnings in 2008, the brand has always strived to help people along their journey of hair and scalp problems, fuelled by our hectic lifestyles and environmental damage. To achieve this, they believe in natural solutions, which includes a range of 100 oriental plant herbs from the likes of ginseng, polygonum multiflorum and gentian. These natural ingredients each have their individual properties that when combined together, deliver safe and effective results.

The Process

From start to finish, the entire process at Oriental Hair Solutions took only about two hours. I was first seated down to complete a detailed hair questionnaire that seeks to identify my main hair issues. This accounts for hereditary traits, stress levels, hair care habits including the products I use and the number of times I wash my hair a day. The hair consultants also check on my concurrent medical problems as well, to ensure a safe process for me throughout.

Real time scalp analysis is done to identify your personal scalp issues

Following that, their professional hair consultants then use an Analysis Scanner to perform a scalp and hair root analysis for me. They do this over multiple areas of my scalp, so I am able to see with my own eyes how my hair compares to a healthy example. Once this is complete, the consultants then fill in a card with my individual diagnoses – this is used to customise my personal hair treatment, and helps them to monitor treatment progress over sessions. I was shown snapshots of where my scalp was oily in certain areas. There were also early signs of dandruff on some of my hair roots – which came as a surprise as it was an issue I thought I had outgrown for years.

We then move on to their seven-step customised Scalp Therapy, which compromises oriental plant-based formulas. It starts with the application of a Deep Cleansing Lotion to the base of your scalp, which is targeted at removing buildup of dead skin cells and sebum. Once unclogged, the pores of your hairs can breathe and grow new healthy follicles.

Depending on your individual hair condition, a special blend of herbal shampoo is then used for the scalp wash. Much like a normal hair salon, I was brought to a hair washing area – and appreciated that they were really conscientious throughout, adjusting the temperature and pressure to my needs.

To deliver best results, they use a range of technology and new equipment paired with their unique herbal treatments

Back to the chair chair, the consultants then take me through a relaxing acupressure massage which helps to promote blood flow to the scalp. The main part of the treatment compromises of application of a custom herbal concoction – which felt much similar to getting my hair dyed! My biggest fear was whether their use of herbal ingredients would have a lingering smell – to my relief, Oriental Hair Solutions utilises a unique advanced herb extraction technology for their products, which rids any unpleasant smells one may usually associate with traditional plants. Instead, I got whiffs of a calming aroma, which made it easy to kick back and zone out while the O3 therapy was in action.

Once the product is applied, the O3 therapy sits on my head like a hood and all I feel is a cold tingly sensation over my scalp. This aids with neutralising free radicals to prevent microscopic damage, and helps the scalp absorb maximum nutrients for luscious hair growth. Before I knew it, 30 minutes were up and I had to put the book I was reading down.

Everything then gets washed off, before I am back in the seat again for the finishing touches. A pleasant herbal scalp tonic is put on, adding in some last minute goodies for the scalp to soak in. They then make the effort to blow dry and style my hair out just like a pro, and I have to say I was impressed with their styling ability.

Just before you’re done, they pop you back into the consultation room again for a repeat scalp analysis. Surprisingly, we could see immediate effects. While understandably not 100% gone, most areas showed significantly reduced flakiness in the roots, while the oil clogs were successfully removed. As with anything, multiple sessions are recommended for full results, but I was pleased just knowing that some definite progress was already made.

All clean and refreshed, after a dedicated blow dry and styling

I walked out feeling much lighter and refreshed, swishing silky smooth hair all around. Even if you have different hair needs, Oriental Hair Solutions does have a range of other treatment options that can target most issues. They utilise a range of technology which includes Helio Light, UV Light Therapy or High Frequency Therapy. Whether it’s common ailments like hair loss or medical conditions like fungal infections, Oriental Hair Solutions does have personalised options that will make you feel pampered all while achieving your hair goals.

Find out more at https://orientalhairsolutions.com/ to book an appointment at your nearest outlet.


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