Fukui City’s Signature Dishes is Now Exclusively Available in Singapore


Is authentic Japanese food your jam? Lucky for you, Fukui City is importing many of its trademark products that have never been distributed outside of Japan.

Fukui is a seafood island that faces the Sea of Japan and is famous for its abundance of crabs and prawns. The rich mineral content of snow meltwater imparts its delectable flavours to its mountain products. Here’s a rare and up-close look at Fukui’s specialties below:


Gamaebi prawns.

Most Singaporeans will know that the amaebi prawn is the most widely available species in Singapore. Interestingly, there’s another kind of prawn worth drooling about; the Gamaebi, an exotic prawn sourced from Fukui City. Its remarkably low catch rates—just one-tenth the amount of sweet shrimp—make it something of a mystery in the culinary world. You won’t find it in stores in Tokyo or Osaka because of how rare it is. It is three times sweeter and twice as nutritious than an amaebi, and it measures about 12–13 cm.

Nikuatsu Shiitake Mushroom

In addition to its earthy aroma and rich, lingering scent, the Nikuatsu Shiitake Mushroom comes from both the sea and the mountains. Compared to regular shiitake mushrooms, these are twice as thick.

Nikuatsu Shiitake Mushroom.

This premium fresh mushroom has rich flavours that may enhance any dish, from soups to stir-fries to steaks when eaten alone!

Yamauni Yuzu Aka

Yamauni Yuzu Aka.

A yuzu-based sauce with a perfectly balanced tang and heat, the Yamanuni Yuzu Aka has been made according to a method that has been passed down for more than three centuries. For many people in Fukui, this is their go-to seasoning.

Heshiko Oil

Heshiko Oil.

To experience the essence of Fukui, try the Heshiko Oil. A fermented treat called heshiko is made by soaking mackerel and other fish taken in Fukui in a mixture of salt and rice bran for more than a year. A subsequent step involves submerging the heshiko in oil. Udon, pasta, bread, and any carbohydrate-based cuisine can benefit from this multipurpose oil.

Koshino Luby Tomato Dressing

A little acidity cuts through the sweetness of this Koshino Luby Tomato Dressing. One of Fukui City’s most specialized tomatoes, Koshino Luby, is used to make the dressing. Salads and pastas both benefit from this dressing since it brings out the flavours of the ingredients.

Koshino Luby Tomato Dressing.

The items will be available for sale via Singapore Home Cooks on 5 and 6 December 2023.


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