Swensen’s New Ultra Burgers Will Leave You Ultra-Satisfied


Swensen’s has launched a new Ultra Burger Series that promises to be ‘Ultra-tasty’ to leave you ‘Ultra-satisfied’. The juicy burgers are made with premium U.S. beef and slathered with a house secret sauce that has spicy notes. Sides of coleslaw and piping hot golden fries complete this Ultra burger symphony which truly hits the spot.

The OG Ultra Burger (S$16.90) comprises a mouthwatering blend of two succulent smashed patties and crispy white onions enveloped in stretchy melted jack cheese, sandwiched between two soft, toasted brioche buns and drenched in the house sauce.

The OG Ultra Burger.

The Classic Ultra Burger (S$17.90) matches the goodness of the OG with just a few different touches. The double smashed beef patties are seared till a beautiful crust is formed, before they are melded with a layer of purple onions, tangy gherkins, slices of tomato and lettuce, topped with melted cheese and that in-house hamburger sauce for a great gooey and drippy finish. This burger also comes with side of fries and coleslaw to sate your appetite.

Spot the difference! The Classic Ultra Burger.

The Swensen’s Ultra Burger series is available at all Swensen’s stores islandwide and for takeaway and delivery on the GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda platforms. Of course as with all burgers, having it freshly prepared in-store if you can help it would be more ideal to savour the crispness of the beef patties and to restrain the decadently drippy cheese-sauce blend a bit more from spilling beyond the patties. Either way, you can’t help licking your fingers.

If you see anyone walking with a Swensen’s ‘ultra’-cool t-shirt on the street, it means that they have been lucky consumers of the Ultra burgers! Get the tee while stocks last if you order an Ultra burger from Swensen’s Bugis Junction outlet. The design on the back of the shirt features a unique burger-shaped QR-code that can be scanned for a surprise.

If you spot anyone wearing this t-shirt, you know their secret – the Ultra burger!

Swensen’s various outlets islandwide can be found here. All outlets close at 10.30 pm, except for the Bugis Junction outlet which opens till 2.00 am (last order 1.15 am) on Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays.


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