Bored of Tonkotsu Ramen? Enjoy Ramen Champion’s New Chicken Version From 10 to 21 October


Ramen fans can soon look forward to a limited edition chicken ramen from 10 to 21 October 2022. Multi-label ramen eatery Ramen Champion has launched the Tori Paitan Stamina Shio Ramen (S$18.80), its in-house creation that features a soup made wholly with chicken. This ramen features a collagen-rich soup base that takes over 12 hours of painstaking preparation, during which chicken, vegetables, three kinds of sea salt and garlic are simmered to bring out their essential flavours. 

Tori Paitan Stamina Shio Ramen comes with a heap of vegetables. Photo © Fen Chia

Each bowl comes with a bone-in whole chicken leg that is cooked in chicken broth for a half-hour before it is steeped in a rich sauce for another 30 minutes. This results in a fall-off-the-bone and deeply flavoured meat. For those with hearty appetites, you will be glad to note that this ramen is Jiro-style, which evolved from the need to feed hungry blue-collar workers and students during Tokyo’s redevelopment from the 1960s-70s with flavourful and reasonably-priced ramen that came in large portions.

Thick and chewy flat noodles are used in the Tori Paitan Stamina Shio Ramen, which is topped with a huge heap of beansprouts and cabbage that makes the bowl look mountainous. A flowy Ajitama (ramen egg) and ninniku (garlic) round out the dish.

Mr Koichi Horikawa, general manager and chef behind the new ramen version. Photo © Fen Chia

Catch this limited-edition ramen only on weekdays from 10 to 21 October 2022. Only 30 bowls will be available each day. Not to worry about someone going hungry if you are heading there in a big group – the beauty of Ramen Champion’s concept is that it allows you to enjoy many types of ramen and even donburi from its other brands Tonkotsu Ikkyu, Don Meijin, Menya Ryu, Buta God and Taishoken under one roof.

Ramen Champion offers many brands under one roof. Photo © Fen Chia

Ramen Champion
201 Victoria Street Bugis+
Singapore 188067

Operating hours: 11am to 10 pm daily 


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