A Cheat Sheet for Gifting Dad this Father’s Day


Last-minute gift shopping for Dad can be a challenge, especially on days like now: jostling with the crowds, rummaging through piles of gift sets in the stores, and adding on to the frustration of not knowing what a good gift is. You feel it even more so when you want to splurge on Dad, but you just can’t be sure of what they need and how to show your appreciation in a gift.

We understand your pain, and so, if you’re feeling desperate now, we have some ideas that have got you covered. Following our guide is simple, all you need is to sort your Dad into one of the categories below, trust our choice, and grab the items while you still can.

1. The House-Proud Home-Lover

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Nothing spells bliss better than a night at home, bundled up in blankets and lying on the couch. But it’s only as lovely as it sounds if the chores are done and the home’s been tidied up a little- no one wants Netflix and chill with piles of laundry in the background. If you Dad loves staying at home and helping out with the chores, then the weekly chores should not only be a breeze, but a fun activity to look forward to with the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series garment steamer.

This garment steamer reinvents laborious ironing, with its convenience and ease of use. Driven by Philips’ Dual Heating technology, this latest product of their already-popular range of garment steamers is the brand’s most powerful to date, and de-wrinkles garments in a jiffy.

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Performance meets convenience in the Philips AiO 8000 Series which generates powerful continuous steam at a rate of 90g per minute. It can can even be used on delicate fabrics, from cotton to delicate silk, as its OptimalTEMP technology does not burn all ironable fabrics. Apart from de-wrinkling clothes, the steam also refreshes outfits, removes odours and kills 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites. Your Dad will be thankful for this very helpful assistant in the household.

2. The Health Fanatic

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If your Dad is one that believes in “you are what you eat”, LENE’s Bird’s Nest might be your answer. Granted, bird’s nest is a delicacy that might be a tad indulgent but LENE’s Bird’s Nest sets itself apart from others in the market by focusing on ethical sustainable harvesting. The brand harvests from their own farms in Malaysia and also relies on other trustworthy suppliers.

Their sugar-free double-boiled bird’s nest comes in a premium gifting box. Each bottle of comes with 1.5g dry weight of bird’s nest, which has been hand-cleaned using filtered water free of toxins and chemicals such as bleach. LENE also uses monk fruit extract as a natural sweetener for its bird’s nest. Its low glycaemic index makes this health supplement a diabetic-friendly option.

3. The Coffee Connoisseur 

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Nothing will liven up Dad’s morning than a cup of freshly brewed cuppa. If you have been meaning to get Dad a coffee machine for the longest time, you will find your answer in the Philips 3200 Series LatteGo.  It’s one lean mean coffee-making machine – a fully automatic espresso one, to be more precise. With 12 different grind settings, it comes with five unique beverage options, namely Espresso, Black Coffee, Americano, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato – all of which are accessible at a simple touch of a button. Talk about convenience.

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The user interface is friendly and easy to use, allowing one to personalise their own preferred aroma strength and quantity. Love milk? The LatteGo milk system whips up smooth froth by mixing milk with air at optimum temperature for milk-based coffee. Cleaning up is a breeze too as the entire system requires a mere 15-second wash under a running tap. The patented AquaClean water filter also cuts down on the frequency to descale the machine for up to 5,000 cups.

4. The Home MasterChef

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Is Dad the crowned MasterChef at home? Here’s a gift that he will fawn over. The PhilipsAirfryer XXL with Smart Sensing Technology is a stylish assistant that any home cook will be proud to display – and use, of course – in the kitchen.

Meals can be prepped in less time than before as the Philips Airfryer XXL with Smart Sensing Technology is an intelligent device that can automatically adjust time and temperature during cooking to churn out perfectly cooked dishes. From baking to grilling to roasting to reheating, you name it — the Philips Airfryer XXL can do it all. It is the only airfryer quipped with Fat Removal Technology that separates and captures excess fat to bring about more flavours with less fat.

And, did we mention that the airfryer is big enough to cook up to six portions? Oh yes, that means you stand to enjoy the food your Dad whips up with this beautiful machine.

5. The Foodie

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Yes, we all know that foodie in our lives, who’s always in the know about the latest restaurant openings and upcoming food trends. If your dad is a bonafide foodie, finding a place to dine with them can ironically be a struggle- you’re never too sure what they’ve already tried, or what could possibly tantalise their palate anymore. After all, they’ve savoured almost everything!

Here’s a guaranteed option: Poisson. It’s one of the newest kids on the Bukit Pasoh Road block, the eclectic enclave that is known for its many dining options. A vibrant seafood restaurant, Poisson is the brainchild of award-winning Chef and esteemed restauranteurs Geoffrey Weckx and Pierre Bolly. We love how the restaurant’s nautical-themed decor and the aquamarine artefacts that add to the mood. But what we even love more is the extensive menu — Poisson uses the freshest sustainably-sourced premium seafood and seasonal produce.

Photo © Asia 361

The menu is divided into two sections – Cold Stream and Hot Stream. Cold Stream showcases small plates of appetisers to whet appetites; opt for dishes like Pulpo ($24) – a tangy Spanish Octopus Carpaccio with citrus vinaigrette and paprika lemongrass-infused oil, as well as Rainbow ($26), a delightful plate of cured rainbow trout with baby beetroot, basil ricotta, red radish and fennel pickles.

Hot Stream, as the name suggests, features piping hot hearty mains. Toff ($62) is a dish that does not disappoint with decadent uni trofie pasta with hand-peeled mangrove crab. The Game ($24) wins hearts with marinated squid “plancha”, grilled herbs and roasted garlic.

Dad will be guaranteed an exuberant dining experience here.


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