Oh MESO Happy – Peachy Skin Bar Rejuvenates Your Skin With New Mesotherapy Facial


You’ve probably heard of mesotherapy – a medical aesthetic procedure whereby a cocktail of vitamins are injected into the lower layers of skin using a needle. Now, have you heard of mesotherapy facial then?

Peachy Skin Bar, a facial bar known for its bespoke treatments, has recently launched a new mesotherapy facial named You Make MESO Happy. The facial is a 70-minute non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that promises to give your skin a “lit-from-within” glow.

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Unlike the traditional mesotherapy medical procedure, the meso facial does not involve any injection. Instead, it makes use of a Derma Pen device to apply a facial serum all over the face. The device has micro-needles that penetrate the skin 100 times per second and only at the dermis layer. This means the micro-needles actually do not penetrate that deeply into the skin so there is virtually no damage to the skin’s surface during the treatment. With the Derma Pen, the serum gets into the skin’s dermis layer where it is most effective.

The facial begins with the therapist going through the usual double-cleansing for the face. Customers will be given a choice of three types of serum for the meso facial – Hyaluronic Acid, BTX Collagen and 24K Gold Firm Anti-aging, depending on what results they would like to achieve.

The Hyaluronic Acid serum is ideal for those who wish to plump up the skin with more hydration and restore skin radiance. It contains Oligo hyaluronic acid for deep hydrating and brightening, as well as centella asiatica extracts to soothe the skin.

The BTX Collagen serum works to minimise fine lines and boost skin elasticity with the help of acetyl hexapeptide-8. It also has marine collagen to help in the reduction of fine lines and plumping up of skin moisture. Botanical extracts in the serum aid in calming sensitive skin.

The 24K Gold Anti-Aging, as the name suggests, is for those who seek anti-aging solutions. Key ingredients include 99.9% pure gold to strengthen skin vitality, tea tree extract to soothe sensitive skin, as well as a blend of four natural herbs – lavender, oregano, rosemary and thyme – to provide nutrients to the skin.

My therapist decided on the BTX Collagen for my treatment (the 24K Gold Anti-Aging was out of stock when I was there). After putting the serum into the derma pen, she then proceeded to work on my place.

I would be lying if I say the treatment was painless though. Even though there is no injection per se, I did feel some pain on the less fatty areas of my face, such as my nose and my chin. I have previously done a PDRN treatment that used similar micro-needles at a clinic where a numbing cream was applied on my face first and there was no pain. Having said that, the pain this time was still tolerable; it probably varies from individual to individual.

The meso facial uses a derma pen device to apply serum all over the face. Photo © Asia 361

After the micro-needling, my therapist cooled my skin with an Arctic Cryo – cryogenic treatment in which a controlled beam of vaporised liquid nitrogen is applied on the surface of the skin. In response to the intense cold, the blood vessels will tighten to reduce circulation and cause pore sizes to decrease. More oxygen is then carried to the skin after the treatment, helping in collagen production. My therapist then ended off the facial with a Coconut BioCellulose Stem Cell Mask to further soothe and calm my skin.

One thing great about Peachy Skin Bar is that you can always customise your treatments. I was able to add on a Sexy Back acne “back-cial” treatment during my session. The treatment began with back cleansing, apple back scrub and extraction. My therapist then used intense light pulse (IPL) to help reduce the appearance of acne scars on my back, followed by a detoxifying dead sea mud mask and a purifying ampoule. Ooh, it felt like I was bringin’ sexy back to my back!

The Results

Right after the facial, I did not see any redness, save for the usual redness from the extractions on the one or two pimples I had. According to Peachy Skin Bar, one would need a few sessions of the meso facial in order to see results. Even though I only had one session of the facial, my skin seemed to feel smoother than usual about a week after.

Oh, and I forgot to mention – Peachy Skin Bar is probably the only facial bar I know that serves you a glass of champagne after your treatment. Now, ain’t that peachy?

The You Make MESO Happy treatment for Hyaluronic and BTX Collagen costs S$700 for non-members and S$300 for members. The 24K Gold edition treatment costs S$760 for non-members and S$380 for members.

Peachy Skin Bar – City Gate
371 Beach Road
#01-13 City Gate
Singapore 199597
Tel: +65 6701 8581

Peachy Skin Bar – Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue
#03-17 The Seletar Mall
Singapore 797653
Tel: +65 6970 2865


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