TrichoLab – A Holistic Approach to Restoring Your Hair to Its Former Glory


Many of us have a tendency to neglect the care of our hair and scalp, compared to our face and body. However, these days our crowning glory is taking centre stage, given the fact that we are all masked up and our faces can’t be seen now.

A simple daily shampoo simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to hair and scalp care. If we can spend time going for facials and putting on skincare products, why can’t we do the same for our hair and scalp?

Being middle-aged, I am beginning to pay more attention to my long-neglected scalp these days. While I am blessed with thick, luscious locks (I thank my parents for that), I do have problems with an oily scalp and am in need of some professional care beyond my daily shampoo.

I paid a visit to TrichoLab, a homegrown hair growth and scalp specialist located at Plaza Singapura. TrichoLab is a sister brand of SkinLab The Medical Spa and SL Aesthetic Clinic, helmed by aesthetic doctors Dr Kelvin Chua and Dr Gabriel Wong. Now, what sets TrichoLab apart from other hair and scalp care specialists is the very fact that it is spearheaded by these doctors who have 15 years of experience in beauty enhancement.

TrichoLab is a homegrown hair and scalp specialist that uses a holistic approach in dealing with hair and scalp health.

TrichoLab uses plant-based products formulated in-house together with an overseas pharmaceutical factory. The products are made in Korea, USA, Germany and France with ingredients medically proven to benefit hair and scalp health.

Despite the relationship with an aesthetic clinic, the environment at TrichoLab is anything but clinical. The space is cosy and decked with greenery to put customers at ease. I settled myself down comfortably and my trichology-trained therapist set forth to conduct a thorough scalp analysis for me. The analysis was done using a machine that allows the condition of my scalp to be magnified up to 200 times. Oh yes, whatever oily nasties and dandruff I have could be seen up close on the screen and they sure didn’t look pretty.

My friendly and knowledgeable therapist pointed out to me my problem areas on the snapshots. My hair follicles were clogged due to sebum build-up. While hair loss is not a problem for me, I learn that it helps to have a healthy scalp so that I could maintain my thick, full hair. More often than not, scalp disorders such as dandruff and a greasy scalp are among the symptoms of scalp disorders and may lead to hair loss if not treated.

The therapist starts off with an analysis of my hair scalp.

My therapist decided to do a Scalp Exfoliation treatment ($212) for me. This treatment helps achieve good follicular health by exfoliating the scalp using medical grade salicylic acid. The treatment process encompassed application of a mask on my scalp and exfoliation. Using a special device called an ioniser, my therapist ran through my hair to remove any dirt, dust and product buildup on my scalp. This process would also help my scalp better absorb the products applied on my hair.

An ioniser is used to exfoliate my scalp.

Given my greasy scalp condition, the therapist prescribed me an Oil Control ampoule ($129) and an Anti-Dandruff ampoule ($129). The former contains salicylic acid and peppermint extract while the latter has oat protein extract and salicylic acid. Peppermint can help increase circulation on the scalp and promote hair growth. Oat proteins are known to repair and protect hair from damage. Salicylic acid works much like how it would in skincare and in this case, it helps to remove build-up by gently exfoliating the scalp.

At the end of the treatment, my scalp felt refreshingly clean, as if given a new life. A quick hair analysis revealed a scalp free of sebum build-up and grease. My hair felt truly like my crowning glory.

A comparison of my scalp before and after the treatment.

If you are interested in getting to the root of your hair or scalp problem, take a trip down to TrichoLab to find out more on their holistic approach for hair restoration.

68 Orchard Rd
#04-08B Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Opening hours: 10am to 9.30pm (Monday to Friday) | 10am to 8.30pm (Saturday) | 10am to 7.30pm (Sunday)


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