The Right Colour Matters When It Comes to Your Hair: Chez Vous


You have most likely heard people talk about how “warm” their skin tone is or how clothes of a certain colour look more flattering on them. You probably have the ideal colour that suits you. Consider this – if the colour of our clothes play a part in making us look great or dull, shouldn’t the same theory apply to the colour of our hair?

Local hair salon Chez Vous has come up with #RIGHTCOLOURMATTERS – an all-new diagnostic methodology that promises to find hair hues that work with your skin tone, in collaboration with Goldwell Singapore.

Does the right hair colour matter?

Many people choose hair colour based on trends and their preferences. It doesn’t occur to them that the right hair colour can help bring out a person’s best features and brighten the skin tone.

Let’s use an analogy – you’ve probably seen how photographers use a light reflector to brighten the faces of models. The same theory works here; our hair acts as a frame and a light reflector for our face. Different hair colours will cast different tones on our face. So, if you happen to choose the wrong colour for your tresses, you might just be accentuating all your facial imperfections. Horrors.

Image: Chez Vous

Image: Chez Vous

How the #RIGHTHAIRCOLOUR methodology works

The #RIGHTHAIRCOLOUR methodology designed by Chez Vous is not rocket science, but yet relatively simple yet amazingly effective. Chez Vous has been in the industry for more than 15 years so you can be sure the folks there know their stuff.

I was put in the good hands of Salon Director, Victor Liu and Brand Director, Eugene Teo. The diagnosis started with cards – each with a different colour – being placed just below my face. It did not occur to me before, but I saw for myself the different effects each colour had on my face. Blue made me look sallow. (Under-eye dark circles reflect from the blue, yikes.) Red worked somewhat but appeared to make my face look bigger. (No, thanks.) In the end, we found a winner in peach, which seemed to even out my skin tone and brighten my face.

The coloured paper used in the #RIGHTHAIRMATTERS diagnosis.

You might be thinking: if the result for me is purple, does that mean I am going to end up with purple hair? Fret not. The professional folks at Chez Vous take into account your lifestyle, age and other factors too. I laughed and nodded furiously in agreement when Eugene assured that they won’t give me any “ah lian ash” colour. Victor was also gentle with the use of ammonia in the dye, understanding my concern with hair bleaching.

Before and after.

Two weeks after I had my hair dyed, a random stranger I met at my facial salon remarked to me, “Your hair is beautiful!” I don’t think I have had anyone compliment me on my hair before, let alone a stranger. I guess that’s a testament to the efficacy of #RIGHTCOLOURMATTERS.

From now till July 2018, Chez Vous is running a launch promotion on #RightColourMatters, which is priced at S$299 for above-shoulder-length hair and S$399 for below-shoulder-length hair. It includes a haircut, a #RightColourMatters Diagnosis, and a 3D Colour and Highlights or Balayage. Complimentary items include a Goldwell BondPro+ Hairshots (worth S$55) and an Express Revitalizing Supreme Therapy (worth S$205).

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