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If you are a fan of Stranger’s Reunion, you’ll be happy to learn that the same folks behind the popular cafe have another eatery. Yes, the team has been whipping up some of the best comfort food in town at Curious Palette at Prinsep Street.


Dining takes place on the first level of Curious Palette.


The second level of the cafe serves as an event space.


Second level of Curious Palette: Event Space

Spanning over two storeys, the first level of the cafe features a chic industrial-themed café while a brightly-lit and equally chic event space resides on the second level. The space on the second level can sit up to 75 people, and is a prime location for small parties and events.


Salted Egg Wings

Driven by a strong will to delight customers’ palate, the cafe’s recent menu revision brings fresh takes to their old favourites. We started our meal on a high note with the locally inspired Salted Egg Wings (S$12.90). Their rendition of the zi-char favourite features chicken wings fried to a golden brown colour and generously drenched in a beautiful homemade salted egg yolk sauce. The sweet and spicy notes of the salted egg yolk sauce left our taste buds tingling with excitement.


Magic Mushrooms

Coated in a light breadcrumb batter and fried to a beautiful crisp, the juicy Magic Mushrooms ($14.90) caught us under its spell, especially when dipped into a homemade aioli. Taking a bite into the batter and hearing the crunch is almost like music to our ears.


Salted Egg Yolk Wings (left), Magic Mushrooms (top) and Tofu Salad (right)

In addition to being a perfect companion to the main dish, the Tofu Salad (S$13.90) can be a light meal by itself. Served on a bed of fresh baby spinach, the salad comprises lightly battered tofu, tempura arugula, orange segments and bonito flakes. I love the crunch of the tempura arugula and the zesty touch from the juicy orange segments. Drizzled in creamy white sesame dressing, it is a sinful but comforting salad.


Croque Madamme

I don’t know about you, but I think brunch might be the best invention ever. At Curious Palette, they have perfected brunch – the hybrid of breakfast and lunch. Their Croque Madamme ($19.50) recipe uses a mix of melted cheddar and mozzarella, gammon ham and perfectly pan-fried sous-vide eggs to transfer a plain toasted cheese brioche sandwich into something special. Paired with semi-dried tomatoes, arugula and truffled sweet potato fries, their Croquet Madamme has us all charmed.


Crab Cake on English Muffin

Accompanied by a vibrant purple sweet potato mayo slaw and sweet potato fries, the Crab Cake on English Muffin ($19.50) is finished with a beautiful pan-fried sous vide egg. As the knife hits the tender yolk, a beautiful stream of golden liquid covers the succulent crab cake. Soaked in the yolky goodness, the crab cake is simply bursting with flavours.


Corned Beef Scotch Egg

An adaptation from a classic British favourite, the Corned Beef Scotch Egg ($18.50) is a crispy golden orb of splendour. The golden-centered gem reveals a soft and runny middle encased in flavour-packed tender meat.  The savoury corned beef nicely balances out with the cauliflower cous cous, brussel sprouts, guacamole and green mango salsa on the side. Be sure to come early for this golden gem as only limited portions are served daily.


Soft Shell Crab Burger

It’s not hard to see why customers are all over the Soft Shell Crab Burger ($19.90). We are in love with the crisp-battered whole crustacean housed in buttery buns with arugula, purple cabbage wasabi slaw, roasted butternut squash, togarashi, homemade aioli and chilli oil.

Berry Ricotta Hotcake

A quick online image search on Curious Palette will leave you bombarded with stunning photos of their picture-perfect Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($14.90). Made-to-order and served warm, the gratifying bite into the soft and fluffy hotcakes vindicates the long waiting time of 30 minutes for the dish. The hotcakes are made perfect with a pairing of fresh berries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and vanilla ice-cream. To maximise your enjoyment of the hotcakes, top them off with a drizzle of sweet maple syrup.

Curious Palette has plans in place to roll out a Coffee Flights concept – duo coffee sets carefully selected to enhance customers’ coffee experience. Coffee fans will get to sample coffee from different origins, as well as coffee prepared using different brew methods. Through this concept, co-owner and award-winning barista Ryan Tan hopes to let customers appreciate the art of coffee and dessert pairing.

Akin to sisters with diverse personalities, Strangers’ Reunion and Curious Palette have distinct concepts. While Strangers’ Reunion focus on a healthy living notion, Curious Palette seems to have a mania for deep fried comfort food in generous portions. We suggest you satisfy your curious palate at both places.

Curious Palette
64 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188667

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thu and Sun – 9am to 10pm; Fri and Sat – 9am to 12 midnight; Closed on Tue


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