CHICAGO the Musical: Sensual, Saucy and Show-Stopping


Sensual, saucy and show-stopping. So says everyone who’s watched CHICAGO, the award-winning musical that had recently opened to much fanfare here in Singapore.

Inspired by true-life murder cases in the 1920s, this sensational musical put together by one of the most stellar cast we’ve ever come across. The spotlight is cast on nightclub singer Roxie Hart, her cell-block rival and double-murderess Velma Kelly, alongside their glib-tongued lawyer, Billy Flynn.

Opening with the titillating number All That Jazz – that elicited us to sing along – CHICAGO was off to a rollicking start. Following that, we were brought to a dramatic scene where Roxie Hart murdered her illicit lover. Her life was thrown into disarray as she got thrown into jail, alongside other female criminals – incarcerated for pretty much the same reason.

Roxie Hart catapults into notoriety for her cold-blooded murder of her illicit murder, becoming the talk of the town in CHICAGO. Photo courtesy of BASE Entertainment Asia.

The versatile and exceedingly talented cast also owned the stage as they showcased their singing prowess in a variety of songs. Amongst the various sing-and-dance sequences, “Mister Cellophane” emerged as our favourite. This humourous and self-deprecating song struck a chord with us for its relatable message — one feels as though he or she is invisible despite being physically present.

We also revelled in seeing how the inner worlds of the characters manifested in catchy dance numbers, like Razzle Dazzle which feature both Billy Flynn and Roxie Hart. In this number, the two of them shared the stage as they belted out their most authentic thoughts amidst the frenzy revolving high-profile murder cases in the city of sin. The thought-provoking message behind this sizzling performance likens the courtroom to a circus, alluding to occurrences where one can get away with murder behind a well-thought out facade before the jury.

Not lacking in the department of scintillating theatrics, CHICAGO is poised to be a visual feast for your eyes. Photo courtesy of BASE Entertainment Asia.

Given how the lives of vastly different characters are weaved together in a glamorous city so caught up with the next big thing, the musical reminds one of the society we live in today, where we are equally obsessed with the next trend and technology. Several relatable and common themes of greed, exploitation, adultery also rang through this play as well as revealed the raw – and comical – side of the criminals to the audience.

In all, CHICAGO hooked us at every twist and turn, leaving us at the edge of our seats at all times. This American musical provided a much-needed dosage of fun and laughter amidst all the light-hearted racy jokes and sexy acts.

Bagging six Tony Awards, two Olivier, one Grammy, two Bafta and six Academy Awards, CHICAGO is easily one of the most critically acclaimed plays of all time. If the accolades CHICAGO has received are anything to go by, you know this is one world-class musical you can’t miss.

What: CHICAGO the musical

Where: Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

When: The musical runs from 8 to 26 Feb 2017, with the exception of Mondays; Tue-Fri: 8pm, Sat: 2pm and 8pm, Sun: 1pm and 6pm

Ticketing: Tickets can be purchased via Sistic. Find out more here.


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