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Helmed by Executive Chef Kenji Okumura, Takumi Restaurant brings the authentic Japanese dining experience to diners, placing meticulous consideration on the ambience to the slightest details of the ingredients. Word has it that Chef Okumura pays personal visits to the local suppliers in Japan four times a year to source for unique ingredients.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese homes, the restaurant interior features a touch of warm and wooden with sophisticated Kimono fabrics and carved stone lanterns. Set against the breath-taking sea views of Keppel Bay, Takumi focuses on presenting a genuine, fun and unpretentious Japanese dining experience. Diners can choose to be seated at the specialty counters or at individual tables, cosy sofa booths and the private tatami dining rooms.

If there’s one thing to indulge oneself in at Takumi, it has to be the Seasonal Omakase menu. The menu showcases the freshest and best produce from Japan, and features around seven to eight dishes. The Omakase dinner starts off with a hearty Seasonal Leek Soup. The exquisite plating of this nourishing soup is a feast for the eyes. Elevated with decadent sea urchin, scallop and spring vegetables, the rich and creamy soup is nothing but heart-warming.

Seasonal leek soup.

The Assorted Appetisers are presented in bright and colourful accents to reflect the approach of Winter. The presentation of the platter mirrors the changes in different seasons. Amidst the vibrancy, the dish consists of grilled tile fish, unagi sushi, Soramame (Broad Bean), egg cake, prawn, black beans, gingko nuts and Chisato (Spring vegetables). Living up to its beautiful appearance, the different compartments is a perfect harmony of the diverse flavour profiles.

Assorted appetisers.

Deep fried to golden perfection, the breaded mashed Japanese yam is stuffed with generous chunks of minced chicken. Complemented with fresh teppanyaki Crayfish and boiled Shark’s Fin, every bite into these crispy bite-size parcels is a delight.

Once a month, Chef Okumura and his team perform Japanese traditional craftsmanship technique through their enthralling Tuna and Unagi live cutting show. Get to witness a 70kg tuna sliced delicately before your very eyes.

The freshly sliced fatty tuna is served in an Assorted Sashimi platter along with Flounder with Sea Urchin, Puffer Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Amberjack, Golden Eye Snapper. Takumi serves up one of the freshest sashimi I have ever tasted.

Fresh sashimi of Flounder with uni, Puffer Fish, Spanish mackerel, amberjack, Golden Eye snapper.

One of the highlights of the meal has got to be the beef hotpot. Boiled in flavourful miso broth with dashi and mirin, the buttery slices of the A5 Miyazaki Beef Sirloin are tender and melt in the mouth. Brimming with healthy vegetables, this beef hotpot is the ultimate in comfort food.

Taraba kani.

Singaporeans love crabs and would undoubtedly find delight in the Taraba Kani (King Crab). The succulent meat is accompanied by ponzu sauce and Kabosu which help to highlight the subtle sweet flavour of the crustacean.

Oysters from Mie Prefecture.

If oysters are your thing, you can look forward to the oysters harvested from the waters of Mie Prefecture. The chef delicately polished and grilled them teppanyaki-style to enhance its fresh and sweet notes. Topped off with Ponzu sauce and Kabosu, these oysters are set to make mouths water.

In the next dish, fresh marinated tuna and amberjack sashimi chunks are piled high on top of seasoned sushi rice and garnished with spring onions. Served along with a pot of Green Tea, diners can enjoy the petite bowl of comforting goodness in Ochazuke Style.

To end off the perfect night by the sea, a decadent dessert masterpiece is essential. Takumi definitely does not disappoint with its beautiful and inspiring platter of assorted desserts. The platter features a gorgeous display of fresh seasonal fruits such as muskmelon, dried persimmon, Chinese orange and strawberry, homemade black bean mochi, rich chocolate cake and creamy green tea ice cream.

Sweet desserts cap off a delightful meal.

The Seasonal Omakase menu is priced at $130++ per person.

Takumi Restaurant
2 Keppel Bay Vista
#02-01 Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382

Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 2.30pm (Lunch); 6pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)


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