Catch the Waves at the Newly Revamped Singapore Wake Park


Waves of anticipation gather at East Coast as the Singapore Wake Park resumes operations after a change of management and renovation. Apart from the typical cycling activity in East Coast Park, the public can now look forward to exciting activities such as knee-boarding, wake-boarding, wake-skating and cable-skiing in the newly revamped Singapore Wake Park.


Riders of any age and experience can enjoy a rush of adrenaline under the park’s safe operating conditions. Singapore Wake Park is divided into three segments to better cater to different riders’ skills and proficiency. Novices can learn the basics starting with the straight-line System 2.0.


We decided to have a taste of what the new Wake Park is all about. Prior to the ride, we were briefed by the staff and equipped with safety vests and helmets. Personal belongings can be kept in the lockers at the toilet with personal locks or locks purchased from the counter. With extensive safety equipment and measures, one need not be a great swimmer to try out this sport.

Dedicated to serve a person at a time, the system creates a safe and optimal learning environment by focusing on one individual for each round. The flexibility of adjusting the cable’s speed to one’s preferences and needs helps to enhance the learning experience of beginers with different aptitudes. Children can start with a lower speed with the kneeboard and experience gentler falls.


On the other hand, inexperienced adults can start with an Easy Up which is more buoyant than the usual wakeboard.  The trainers were patient in explaining the correct techniques and providing advice in areas where we can improve. With each trial, we were proud of the progressive improvements acheived. Luckily for me, I managed to breeze through the water while standing on the Easy Up in my third attempt.

Once the riders had mastered the skill to wakeboard straight for a certain distance, the trainers will determine if they are ready to move on to the second segment where they will learn to make turns with the wakeboard. In comparison to the first segment, the second segment was much more challenging and arduous to complete. After umpteen times of falling into the water, the rotary action proved to be too difficult for a novice like me to conquer. Wake-boarding is definitely not the kind of sport that can be easily picked up in one session. Nevertheless, the resolve to conquer this challenging sport is what makes it addictive.


Experienced riders who are confident can move on to the last segment attached to the full-size cable system. The system comprises six towers with six evenly-spaced carriers where the riders will be pulled from one to the other. The efficiency of the system allows riders to enjoy tension-free and smooth rides. The scene of wake-boarding veterans breezing through the waters and performing skilled techniques was an eye-opener. With upcoming plans by the park to develop challenging obstacle courses, the public can look forward to witnessing more actions and excitement in the park.

To accomodate riders afraid of the scorching sun, the park had floodlights installed to facilitate night activities. Office workers can skip the gym and try out night cable-skiing as a new fitness workout. Those who are looking for a new sport regime can rejoice as we heard that a park loyalty pass is in the pipeline.


After a long workout session, riders can freshen-up with the shower facilities provided and head over to Coastal Rhythm, the park’s café bar, to reward themselves with a sumptuous meal. Overseeing the lagoon, Coastal Rhythm is the perfect spot to unwind with good food, drinks and company. Famished riders after the workout will be delighted with the generous portions served. To end the perfect day by the sea, pair the local delights and western delicacies with a bottle of beer.



The Singapore Wake Park is also a great option for people who are on the look-out for unusual event locations. In addition to the provision of great food and nice ambience, professional trainers are present to teach and look after the children. With such attributes, it has grown to be many parents’ preferred location for their children’s birthday parties.

Starting from S$40 per hour on weekdays and S$60 per hour on weekends, the Singapore Wake Park is definitely a new and upcoming attraction to check out with friends and families. If you are coming to East Coast Park, forget the usual cycling and skating activities and try out wake-boarding instead. Who knows? You may just find your new passion.

Singapore Wake Park
1206A East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449891
Tel: +65 6636 4266

Operating hours: Weekdays – 10am to 10pm; Weekends and public holidays – 9am to 10pm


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