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I used to love all sorts of unhealthy food. Fried chicken wings, char kway teow, fast food. Anything unhealthy, you name it, I eat it. How I devoured them with relish. I think it was because I did not quite see any effect they have on my body; I could eat like a pig and still be skinny without any exercise. But as I grow older, my palate seems to change. I start to become conscious of the things I feed my body, despite being in the pink of health still, and have been consuming ‘superfood’ like chia seeds, organic coconut oil etc.

In fact, I am beginning to apply the same philosophy to other aspects of my life. For instance, maintaining my car is much like eating clean. If I keep eating unhealthy food the likes of char kway teow and Hokkien mee every day, eventually my body is going to be clogged up with bad cholesterol and will break down one day. Likewise, I try to “feed” my family car with a fuel that helps keep its engine clean.

Since the introduction of Shell V-Power Nitro+ last year, I have been treating my family car with Shell V-Power Nitro+, which is a new formulation designed to protect the car engine from gunk and corrosion. It also prevents the build-up of power-robbing inlet valve deposits. Ok, let me draw an analogy – this would be akin to preventing the build-up of cholesterol and fatty deposits on the inner walls of your arteries.

The one on the left has been protected with Shell V-Power Nitro+. Photo credit: Shell

The one on the left has been protected with Shell V-Power Nitro+. Photo credit: Shell

Shell V-Power Nitro+ also helps to decrease the corrosion rate of the car’s precision fuel system too by forming a protective film on metal surfaces. With every fill of V-Power Nitro+, the car engine can breathe more easily and in turn burn fuel more completely, restoring engine performance. (Hmm, doesn’t that sound a bit like detoxification?) With regular use, the internal system of your car will run more smoothly and your car will be fit as a fiddle for a longer time.

Whenever I use Shell V-Power Nitro+, my car definitely becomes more responsive and picks up speed faster. Hand to my heart, it wasn’t my imagination. I guess Shell V-Power Nitro+ is like the superfood for my car. It’s pretty similar to eating healthy – you feel less lethargic and more energised when you eat proper food. Your body (and car) will certainly thank you later in life.

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I’ve been treating my family car with Shell V-Power Nitro+ since last year.

Visit the Shell website to find out more on how Shell V-Power Nitro+ protects your engine from gunk and corrosion.


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