The ‘Collarbone Challenge’ Follows the Belly Button Challenge


You might think that China’s trending “Belly Button Challenge” where people were reaching their hands behind their back to touch their belly button is absurd. Challenges are supposedly an “in” thing on China social media platforms these days — this week, we have the #锁骨放硬币# Collarbone Challenge on Weibo where you are supposed to determine how fit you are depending on how many coins you can balance on your collarbone.

Many people found it too simple and decided to use bigger objects for the challenge instead.

Some have stepped out to make a statement. Balancing coins on the collarbone definitely is not the way to prove how fit you are. This “thinspiration” culture in China is starting to become a hot topic.


The caption says “we can end it now.” Source: Weibo

Whether it’s the belly button challenge or the collarbone challenge, people love sharing their achievements with the world. What do you think could possibly be the next challenge in the long list of body-shaming trends that will follow suit?


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