Sail to Japan in the World’s Largest Japanese Bath at Sea


Experiencing a Japanese bath is not out of the ordinary. How about the world’s largest Japanese bath at sea? You can have this boast-worthy experience onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

I have never been on a cruise before, but when I was onboard the Diamond Princess, I felt like I was walking into a five-star hotel. Having just undergone a US$30 million dry-dock refurbishment, the Diamond Princess is one of the largest subclass of Grand-class ships in the world. She has over 750 balcony cabins and is capable of carrying up to 2,706 guests and 1,000 crew, which translates into a very comfortable guest-crew ratio of 2.7 : 1 .

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If you love all things Japanese, the Diamond Princess is probably the ideal way to explore Japan. By sea, that is.

I find the Japanese bath onboard the Diamond Princess to be one of the most unique and luxurious features. Located on Sun Deck 15, IZUMI is a traditional Japanese bath experience that provides rejuvenation and serenity. After all, the point of a cruise is to unwind and enjoy luxuries that you don’t get often.

Guests are ushered into either the male or female section, and get to enjoy onsen-like facilities at the Stone Bath, Sauna, Cypress Bath, Utaseyu and even outdoor Hydrotheraphy Pool.

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Being a Japanese-themed cruise, it goes without saying that there is a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine onboard.

The new Kai Sushi Bar is a specialty restaurant that serves Japanese-infused cuisine. However, you do have to fork out a little extra for the a la carte servings though.

20150415_DiamondPrincess-Tour_Gel_0083_web20150415_DiamondPrincess-Tour_Gel_0084_web 20150415_DiamondPrincess-Tour_Gel_0086_webWhile I did not have a chance to dine at Kai Sushi Bar, I sampled the three-course meal typically served on this well-known cruise. Absolutely delicious, especially after a run on the deck, or a dip in the Japanese bath.

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Following this trip to Singapore, the Diamond Princess will homeport in Yokohama from 29 April to 6 September 2015, and include sailings to destinations in Russia, Taiwan and South Korea.

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