Hydrate in the Goodness of Nordic Nature With Jääde’s Pure Spring Water From Finland


Jääde, a supplier of pure natural spring water from Finland’s spectacular Salpausselkä Ridge near Lahti, has made its way into Singapore. Established in 2023, Jääde represents the epitome of perfection and purity, providing consumers with an unmatched experience of unspoiled Nordic freshness.

Keep it beside you at all times at home.

Jääde (pronounced as ‘yah-dey’) captures the balanced blend of ‘ice’ (jää) and ‘spring’ (lähde), providing a revitalising waltz of opposites in every sip. Natural filtration by the ridges and eskers of the Salpausselkä and further purification by dense layers of sand and gravel bring Jääde, which is stored in an old aquifer protected by terrain for about 10,000 years, from a distinct geological terrain established during the last Ice Age.

Epitome of Immaculate Purity

Jääde has been treasured by the Lahti people for generations as a symbol of perfect purity. From the very beginning to the very end, Jääde is devoted to environmental stewardship. They carefully extract 1% of the water from Lahti, a part of Finland’s water system that is considered the cleanest in the world according to UNESCO, while ensuring that the water continues to regenerate naturally and is as sustainable as possible.

Jääde uses recyclable materials derived from natural sources and produces almost little waste because it is bottled at the source, at a modern plant located just 1.2km from the water source. This guarantees that the water remains unchanged.

Its great packaging comes handy even during camping trips. Enjoy clean drinking water outdoors.

Jääde’s Bag-In-Box – Enjoy Pure Finnish Spring Water on the go

With its convenient Bag-in-Box (BIB) packaging, Jääde provides an excellent drinking experience wherever you are. Convenient and eco-friendly, the BIB format is available in 5.1-litre cartons.

Providing your family with clean drinking water at all times.

Sustainable and hygienic, Jääde’s BIB packaging is 75% corrugated box and 100% recyclable. The bags are 53% renewable and recycled, making them easy to separate and dispose. The inner bag’s integrated valve design, which is patented worldwide, keeps the goods fresh for up to 180 days after opening by preventing the introduction of air and bacteria. Along with reducing storage space, improving logistics efficiency, and drastically lowering carbon footprint, BIB packaging can save up to 80% of raw material consumption when compared to PET bottles.

Priced from S$19.90 for a Single 5.1-litre Box and S$63.60 for a Pack of Four 5.1-litre Boxes, Jääde is now available on ShopeeLazada and Shopify.


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