MCM Journeys From Munich to Mars for the 2024 Autumn and Winter Collection


Changing attitudes, trends, and styles—and, in this instance as introduced by MCM, a shift in the geographical landscape, even strange lands—tend to drive fashion.

The upcoming Autumn/Winter 2024 collection from German luxury brand MCM is a perfect example of how tradition and innovation can coexist. With a nod to the cultural mosaic of Munich—the birthplace of the house’s famous design codes—this collection imagines a voyage from “Munich to Mars,” where the codes undergo a metamorphosis and reach uncharted territories.

The most recent collection embodies the brand’s principles of opulence, adaptability, and carefree living; it features both classic winter pieces and more contemporary touches. The collection, which Katie Chung conceived of and designed, was unveiled at Milan’s Palazzo Serbelloni. The ancient site is given a new life with features representing Mars and Earth, creating an atmosphere of mystery and awe while giving visitors a look into two separate universes. The two portals that connect Earth and Mars create a remarkable backdrop for the display of the collection. Famous Thai actor Mew (Suppasit Jongcheveevat) and fashion icons Saffron Sharpe and Savina Chow were among the important VIPs who were enticed by the dedicated concept of Palazzo Serbelloni to attend.

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

The Autumn/Winter 2024 collection by MCM offers a new take on luxury by reimagining classic styles and tinkering with heritage codes, all while pushing the limits of creativity and expression. Highlights of the season include the self-assured and sophisticated Diamante 3D and Diamante Soft, as well as the unique Black Label collection, which represents an evolution of elegance.

Designed to withstand all types of weather and wear and turn.

The MIRUM@ capsule represents a huge leap forward in environmentally aware luxury by introducing sustainable, plant-based leather alternatives, which are pushing the boundaries of sustainability. New fabrics like Laurel Denim Jacquard, Monogram Re-Nylon, refined grain leather, and metallic leather have taken center stage in ready-towear. Footwear styles such as metallic snow boots, monogrammed moccasins, and silver Swarowski ballerinas round out the range.

New AW24 models are available through the new eyewear collaboration with Marcolin’s virtual try-on technology, Deepixel. The addition of the new scent MCM Crush by Inter Parfums, Inc. further enhances the appeal. In a first peek at their Sustainable Travel Lifestyle Brand Collaboration, Jaden Smith and Sebastian Manes’s Harper Collective—a forward-thinking lifestyle luggage brand—and MCM are teasing three different suitcase styles for the AW24 season.

Versatility is at the heart of MCM’s AW24 collection, which caters to the needs of progressive individuals across all age groups and genders. The assortment of multipurpose items is crafted for busy lives, whether it’s commuting to work or traveling the world. It has innovative travel kits and accessories that allow you to go hands-free without sacrificing style.

Collection Notes

Redesigned Diamante/Diamante 3D: An update to the classic Diamante design. The recent version adds a striking three-dimensional silhouette to the line’s already fashionable and practical components, such as the roomy zipper.

A Daily Denim necessity.

Daily Denim Laurel All Over: Take your outerwear to the next level with these removable tailoring felt coats. They come with belts and Diamante pockets, so you can create a variety of designs that combine style and practicality.

Pouch for life.

Iconic Backpack Reinvented: This modern twist on the timeless bag showcases innovative and eco-friendly details that capture the spirit of the current movement. This multipurpose accessory is the pinnacle of contemporary style because of its adaptability and versatility.

Re-imagined backpack.

Black Label: A collection that takes fashion to the next level. With its distinctive designs and sleek black trademarks, Black Label embodies sophisticated elegance.

Winter Essentials: This collection features a mix of traditional and modern components, like shearling, loden, and suede, as well as stunning flocking methods and metallic details, for an opulent and futuristic look.

Bold footwear elevates one’s sense of style.

Footwear: This collection for AW24 takes a bold new direction, branching out into new territory. Swarowski Ballerina Flats, metallic snow boots, and the Lauretos Monogrammed Moscasincs—a clog-inspired style with an inside lining and buckle—are just a few of the elevated options available in this collection for the contemporary person who values comfort and style.

Simply yet stylish.

Crush / Inter Parfums, Inc: In a bold fusion of sparkling blooms and beautiful woods, this collection captures the lighthearted charm and enduring ties of female friendships, adding an alluring touch to the collection.

MIRUM@ Capsule Collection

Advancement in environmental responsibility represent the MIRUM@, a groundbreaking plant-based leather that is free of plastic. The MIRUM@ Capsule line showcases four innovative styles that demonstrate MCM’s commitment to sustainability. Featuring four timeless designs—the Himmel Triangle Pouch, the Himmel Drawstring Backpack, the Himmel Tote Himmel Large, and the Medium Himmel Shopper—the collection showcases our dedication to sustainable luxury.

Eyewear Collection

Along with its new eyeglasses partner for 2024, MCM unveils a series of gender-neutral eyeglasses. Work with Marcolin has shone a light on new levels of sophistication in design. It new concept amplified an air of modern glitz. With the help of cutting-edge augmented reality technology called Deepixel, a virtual try-on that adapts to your face shape, you can effortlessly choose between five unique styles from the AW collection. Stores will start carrying the collection in October.

Harper Collective

An innovative partnership in eco-conscious luxury has begun with Harper Collective and MCM’s sustainable travel lifestyle offerings. Sustainable, high-end luggage made from post-consumer and recycled Sea plastics are available from Harper Collective, an enterprise founded by visionaries Jaden Smith and Sebastian Manes. Merging elegance with sustainability, the MCM logo print offers a distinctive touch to the interior. Featuring three unique silhouettes—Cabin, Cabin+ expandable (a new form), and a large check-in case—and highlighting its rarity with limited production Made in Italy, the new collection is set to launch in June and can be purchased at MCM flagship shops, Harper collective website, and Selfridges London.


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