With their New Active Skin and Mind Line, Adidas Takes Workout Routines to the Next Level


Adidas is elevating workout rituals with its new Active Skin and Mind shower gel line. This creative product concept stimulates the skin and the mind to help athletes perform at their best. Infusing mind-boosting essential oil blends to reawaken the senses before exercise and induce relaxation after, these unique products deliver fast skin healing with moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerol.

Introducing the Active Skin & Mind Line.

The Active Skin and Mind shower gels are more than simply a workout accessory. The folks at Adidas acknowledge that the skin is the body’s most important piece of sports gear, serving to both protect and enable the body in every dynamic motion. Traditional pre- and post-workout regimens frequently omit skin care. Active, holistic routines preparing and reviving consumers with these formulations elevate skin to equal priority.

Revitalise Your Body and Mind

The six-product line, developed by sports scientists, is designed to help athletes and other active people prepare mentally and physically for their workouts by calming and invigorating the senses and enhancing their performance and recuperation. Featuring a variety of options with different benefits, such as Energykick, which gives you energy before your workout with citrus and mint; Deep Care, which replenishes your skin after exercise with marula oil; Skin Detox, which uses charcoal and green tea to clean your pores; Pre-Sleep, which uses lavender and chamomile to help you recover from your workout that night; and Cooldown, a gel with menthol that gives you cold, refreshing relief for your muscles after a long day.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle and skincare regimen.

An athlete’s recuperation regimen should be just as important as their training, and the Active Skin & Mind line is here to help. The new shower gels hydrate the skin effectively, which is our biggest organ and first line of defense, and the essential oil mixes reawaken the senses before exercise and clear the mind afterward.

Adidas’ Lifelong Devotion to Athletes and the Earth

If you have an active lifestyle, concern for the planet and have sensitive skin, you may want to try Active Skin & Mind shower gels because of their clean compositions and lack of sulfates. The vegan shower gel compositions represent a huge leap forward in sustainability, as they are 98% biodegradable and packaged in 100% recycled material.

The products have a special combination of glycerol and hyaluronic acid, two potent substances found in our skin that work together to prevent dryness, boost the skin’s moisture level by 31% immediately after washing, and hasten the skin’s moisture recovery.

Adidas Active Skin and Mind Pop-Up

Adidas Active Skin & Mind Pop-up.

Adidas is hosting a three-day pop-up in Kallang Wave Mall, directly across from Climb Central, to commemorate the release of its new Active Skin & Mind Shower Gel collection. Guests can try out the reviving items for themselves, take pictures at experience stations, and buy exclusive co-branded items while the pop-up is open. Participants can enjoy a complimentary exercise class like yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dance, and rock climbing when they bring in the receipt from any Guardian Pharmacy island-wide where they purchased two or more Adidas Active Skin & Mind shower gels.

Win a Fitness Retreat to Bali

In addition to the workshop, visitors to the pop-up can also win an exciting prize. Register at any Guardian Pharmacy island-wide with evidence of purchase of 2 or more Adidas Active Skin & Mind shower gels, and consumers stand a chance to win a 3D2N Fitness vacation to Bali by signing up here.

Pop-up Event Listing

The schedule of the events happening during the pop-up are as follows:

10:00AM – Pop-up opens – Customers able to browse products, Masterclasses open for


11:15AM – 12:00PM – Basic Yoga Class

1:30PM – 2:15PM – MOVE YOUR BODY Dance Session 1

3:30PM – 4:15PM – MOVE YOUR BODY Dance Session 2

5:30PM – 6:15PM – Climb Central / HIIT Work-Out Session 1

6:45PM – 7:30PM – Climb Central / HIIT Work-Out Session 2

8PM – Pop-up closes for the day

The Adidas Active Skin & Mind shower gels retail at S$14.05 each and are available at all Guardian stores island-wide and on Guardian.com.sg.


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