Award-Winning Restaurant FLUTES Finds New Home at the Historic Midtown House


When one set foot in a historic building, one cannot help but be enchanted by its fascinating past and cultural legacy. The reopening of FLUTES restaurant, after a few months in hiatus, in one of Singapore’s most notable buildings reflects this very spirit.

The historic Midtown House, formerly the Beach Road Police Station, is now home to FLUTES, a multi-award-winning restaurant known for its 20 years of dedication to outstanding cuisine. This shift marks the beginning of a new chapter in FLUTES’ rich history. It also showcases FLUTES’ dedication to staying current and blending tradition with current culinary mastery.

BBQ Zabuton Satsuma Gyu Skewer, Beetroot, Horseradish and Rye. (left). Aquna Murray Cod Asparagus, Petit Pois, Smoked Port Phillip Bay Mussel Butter. (right).

Within the walls of Midtown House, FLUTES maintains its mission to create outstanding dining experiences at its new site. The menu – an elegant medley of modern European dishes with Singapore elements – reflects the restaurant’s dedication to ethical sourcing and sustainability. The seafood is sourced with care, while the beef are purchased from sources that also practise environmental stewardship. The restaurant also adopts a strategy to cut down on waste, including greenhouse projects and advanced composting programs.

Helmed by a Seasoned Chef

Under the stewardship of Executive Chef Peter Rollinson, FLUTES’s menu evolves with the seasons to showcase the best seasonal ingredients. Signature dishes are made with one-of-a-kind native Australian ingredients, such as Davidson’s Plum.  Every dish at FLUTES is creative and truly resonates with locals and tourists alike, thanks to Chef Rollinson’s talent for expertly blending local ingredients within the restaurant’s primarily European flair.

Peter Rollinson. FLUTES’ Executive Chef .

FLUTES’s wine list has been expanded as a deliberate decision to incorporate sustainable and biodynamic wines, with growing the selection while supporting eco-conscious vineyards at the heart. For any event, guests have the luxury of choosing from among more than 300 meticulously chosen wines. FLUTES takes great care in picking each wine bottle to match its menu items since they want every meal and wine pairing to become part of an unforgettable dining experience.

Juan Ebreo. FLUTES’ Mixologist.

The new venue, according to Ruth Chen, Events Director of FLUTES, is more than just a change in physical space. It also fuses FLUTES’ and Singapore’s renowned heritage and connects it to a promising future, all while reflecting the restaurant’s values and spirit.

The new FLUTES is suited for any kind of party, from small get-togethers to massive galas. Incorporating features from the building’s past, such as the colonial décor and louvred panel windows, the interior design by renowned local design firm David Grace Designs creates an attractive and historically rich atmosphere, perfect for savouring each meal. Michele Righetti, an art curator based in Singapore, has created a highlight piece that enhances the culinary experience by adding visual delight and cultural depth to the area, which matches the architectural grandeur of the setting.

A framed artwork “Fined for Lying in Singapore” by Michele Righetti, serves as the highlight piece.

In keeping with this atmosphere, FLUTES provides exceptional service by always thinking of and catering to each guests’ needs. Over the past 20 years, FLUTES has maintained its position as an industry leader by providing unwavering commitment to quality and service. In order to keep up with the high standards set by regulars while also embracing new ideas and methods, FLUTES’s service training has developed throughout the years. In addition, FLUTES takes great pride in its partnerships with local businesses and artists, for example, the restaurant sources custom ceramic tableware from Mudrock Ceramics.

Anniversary and Re-opening Promotion

Guoco Midtown House is the ideal fusion of old-world charm and cutting-edge design, and as FLUTES opens its doors there, patrons can anticipate the same legendary quality of cuisine, wine, and service that has made the restaurant famous.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary and reopening, FLUTES is having a promotion from 27 May 2024 to 14 June 2024.  For just S$58++ instead of S$68++, customers can get a three-course lunch. The Chef’s Degustation Dinner, a comprehensive tasting menu showcasing the chef’s expertise and the best seasonal ingredients, is $20 discount for every customer (U.P. S$178++).

For reservations and more information, visit FLUTES Website or call +656338 8770. FLUTES is located at 120 Beach Road #01-02, Guoco Midtown House, Singapore.


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