Malaysian High End Jewellery Brand Amee Philips Opens Its First International Store in Singapore


The first Amee Philips boutique store abroad has just opened its doors in Singapore. With its roots in Penang, Malaysia, the jewellery brand is a well-known brand back home its home. After two decades of phenomenal growth in the Penang and Kuala Lumpur markets, the Amee Philips family is now being passed down through two generations and eyes global expansion as its next step forward.

The Amee Philips Fullerton Hotel Boutique Store.

The company has made its home in Singapore at The Fullerton Hotel, launching the boutique with intimate sessions with invited guests and media in May 2024. The Singapore boutique will be helmed by Gina Philips, daughter of the founder Amee. In addition to its High Jewellery designs adorned with the most exceptional and rare gemstones found on Earth, the brand will continue to offer its signature Everyday Luxury through its adaptable, modern collections that are as daring as they are stylish.

Amee Philips is also launching a worldwide exhibition at the Fullerton Hotel Singapore showcasing modern everyday luxury products and High Jewellery adorned with the rarest and most spectacular gemstones found on Earth.

Richard Philips, founder Amee’s son and a FGA-certified gemmologist, heads up a crew of skilled craftspeople in their atelier. Each gemstone is carefully selected by both of them, and their collection is expertly cut to bring out the gemstones’ inherent brilliance. Because of this, the brand is now known all over the world as a go-to for collectors of coloured gemstones and exquisite jewellery.

Among other things, this new shop displays the most coveted gems in the world, such as the Paraíba Tourmaline, an electrifying and rare stone from Brazil, the mystical Alexandrite from Colombia, and investment-quality rubies from Burma, sapphires from Sri Lanka and Colombian Emeralds.

The widely coveted Brazilian Alexandrite.

Among Amee Philips’ most prized possessions is the Brazilian Alexandrite. Alexandrite – sometimes referred to as “Emerald by day, Ruby by night” – captivates observers with its remarkable colour change, which occurs from a verdant green during the day to a deep red at night. Its unique quality and rarity have made it a prized possession for gem enthusiasts and collectors, who see it as a symbol of refined taste.

Jewellery Designs That Inspire Wearers

In keeping with the aforementioned credo, the designers at Amee Philips put a lot of effort into each piece of jewellery so that it might strike a chord with its owners.

Jewelries that truly inspires.

Amee Philips designs collections with the purpose of empowering the wearer. “Freedom” is what the newest Rebel collection and the iconic interchangeable AMEE line make possible and encourage. Amee Philips believes that a piece of jewellery is only as beautiful as the person wearing it, which is why the House makes such magnificent pieces.

The brand’s 2011 New York Fashion Week collaboration with fashion designer Zang Toi was a highlight and demonstrated the brand’s worldwide reach.

Amee Philips was already well-known as a jewellery industry icon before its 2013 inclusion in the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Luxury Handbook in London featured the brand’s works.

Bespoke service for one-of-a-kind designs is also available at this boutique. Every piece of jewellery, from custom engagement rings to one-of-a-kind statement pieces, will be meticulously made to complement the wearer’s specific style.

The V-Clip That Changed Everything 

Many of Amee Philips’ most famous jewels feature intricate designs that showcase the brand’s technical and aesthetic acumen.

The brand’s multi-way, convertible jewellery, which debuted twenty years ago, is one of its notable accomplishments. In 2005, a groundbreaking idea was introduced with the patented and award-winning V-Clip, which offers variety in jewellery. Worldwide acclaim received upon this innovation.

Additionally, it debuted the AMEE Collection, a clever series of detachable jewellery pieces. It gave them the opportunity to express their individuality and choose the perfect accessory for any event by allowing them to switch out pendants for earrings and vice versa.

Another example is the long pearl necklace from Ocean’s Secret. It has 13 different ways to wear it, so jewellery aficionados may switch up their style with just one string of beautiful pearls.

The Singapore store of Amee Philips is located at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178.


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