FairPrice Finest Festival Comes Up With Exciting In-Store Game for You to Play and Win


From 16 May to 29 May 2024, FairPrice Finest will host its annual Finest Festival, which showcases the outstanding  items of what the company has to offer.

This year, enjoy a dash of gamification with the Finest Festival as you inspect the aisles of FairPrice Finest, where you can discover a wide variety of products ranging from gourmet treats to daily necessities.

Hunt for the finest items under good deals.

Finest Experience Hunt

For those partaking in the Finest Festival, there’s an interactive in-store game called the Finest Experience Hunt. This will highlight the unbeatable value, the vivid and fashionable range, and little-known secrets about the particular services that clients can take advantage of at FairPrice Finest.

Transform a mundane grocery shopping trip into an exciting and enjoyable family outing by participating in this exclusive event. Find out cool stuff about Finest’s value-added services, like free meat marination, and other hidden store features.

Customers can participate in the Finest Experience Hunt at any of the 23 participating FairPrice Finest locations thanks to experiential standees that have QR Codes.

How to Join the Hunt and Win Some Prizes

There are eight distinct product categories: Fresh Seafood, Fresh Meats, Premium Fruits, Trendy Eats, International Palates, Gluten-Free, Premium Cheeses, Beer, Wine & Spirits, and Premium Cheeses. Each game station marker corresponds to one of these categories.

Customers are invited to scan the QR code at each game station marker to access an informative quiz about the corresponding product category.

Afterward, find the matching game station marker, scan the QR code, and enter the 4-digit code on the marker to access the quiz question on the game microsite.

Customers must successfully complete all eight game station markers and purchase any Finest Festival promotional item to claim a same-day use return voucher worth $5, redeemable with a minimum spend of $50 (vouchers are limited daily, and redemption is while stocks last).

Customers who successfully complete the Finest Experience Hunt will qualify for entry into a lucky draw, featuring three top prizes which are $300, $200, $100 worth of FairPrice Group gift vouchers respectively.

Enjoy Great Deals on the Finest Products

Along with the gamification in-store experience, FairPrice Finest is gearing up for a sale on a wide variety of premium products from May 16th to the 29th, 2024, giving customers a great opportunity to stock up on their favourites and try something new.

Take advantage of our limited-time Special Highlight deals at any FairPrice Finest shop from 18–19 May or 25–26 May. These will be available at Finest Festival, among others.


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