Eu Yan Sang’s Love in a Bottle Charity Drive Makes Mother’s Day a Time for Paying it Forward


Many families look forward to participating in Mother’s Day celebrations. The unwavering devotion and incalculable sacrifices made by mothers are commemorated on this special day.

Celebrating Mother’s Day also means sharing love outside of our households. This  year’s celebration presents us with an opportunity to do so — thanks to Eu Yan Sang’s initiative.

Here’s how you can participate.

Be a little more giving on Mother’s Day by participating in Eu Yan Sang’s “Love in a Bottle” Charity Drive! On this global day honouring mothers’ untiring and selfless love, let us share kindness and make a positive impact.

Happening this Saturday, the 4th of May at Eu Yan Sang’s store at Orchard Paragon, you may fill up any 70g bottle with coins and notes and then donate it! As a token of their appreciation for your kindness, Eu Yan Sang will be sponsoring a $50.90 box of their Bird’s Nest Rose Collagen Beverage for every bottle that is contributed!

Filling with Love One Bottle at a Time

Lawrence Wong, a famous brand ambassador and international artist, had some wonderful recollections of his mother that the brand decided to collaborate with him to present it in this moving short film. In the opening scene, Lawrence’s mother is shown enjoying a bowl of bird’s nest while gently massaging her growing belly. She daydreams about the day she will meet her firstborn child.

Gift your mom with this curated gift set from Eu Yan Sang.

Viewers will see the unique everyday moments when Lawrence’s mom shows her love and caring through relatable behaviors as the film follows him and his mom through his childhood. On the flip side, little Lawrence sneakily puts his allowance in glass jars so he can surprise his mom with a bird’s nest for Mother’s Day. This heartfelt gesture allowed his mom to know how much he loved and valued her.

Tugged at the heartstrings by this short film, Eu Yan Sang conceived an idea to let consumers spread love even in a small gesture through its “Love in a Bottle” charity drive in support of Wicare Support Group.

Another Mother’s Day self-care gift set.

If you have any extra cash, just fill up a 70g bottle and bring it to Eu Yan Sang’s store in Orchard Paragon on Saturday, May 4th to make your donation. The Wicare Support Group will get all of the collected donations.

Ms. Rachel Cheng, Managing Director of Eu Yan Sang, stated that the company chose to contribute the proceeds to WiCare Singapore because they support a worthy cause. Cheng went on to say that while we enjoy the warmth of family time and celebrating this special occasion of honoring our mothers, donations to WiCare will also serve to encourage the beneficiaries of WiCare Singapore–widows and the fatherless–that we, as a community, celebrate this day with them.

You can also pledge your support here. Happy Mother’s Day.

Eu Yan Sang’s store at Paragon is located at 290 Orchard Rd, #B1-16/17 Paragon, Singapore.


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