Soup Restaurant’s Parents’ Day Menu Dishes Health and Care in Every Bite


Looking for something to do with your mom and dad on Parent’s Day? Soup Restaurant has that covered for you.

Treat your parents to a gourmet dinner at Soup Restaurant as a way to show them how much you appreciate them on Parents’ Day! “Happiness, the simplest form of blessing” is a fitting theme since it captures the universal desire of parents for their children to be happy. Celebrations can be significant and memorable without being excessive or elaborate, according to Soup Restaurant’s belief. They have painstakingly curated a lineup of basic yet touching dishes. Spending quality time with your parents while sharing healthy, comforting home-cooked meals is the best way to show your gratitude for all they do. From 24 April to 30 June 2024, you can enjoy set menus starting at just $69++ for 2 pax.

Soup Restaurant take away set good for 5 people.

Happiness in Every Plate

The four-hour labor-of-love preparation for Double-boiled Brazilian Mushroom with Dried Scallop Soup is the culinary starting point. This addictive mixture brings together the sweet and savory flavors of imported Brazilian mushrooms with those of premium jumbo dried scallops from Japan.

The Braised Vegetables & Golden Pumpkin with Braised Abalone is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Braised in a thick chicken collagen broth for more than four hours are ten heads of abalone, greens, and pumpkin.

Butterfly buns stuffed with Mui Choy Braised Pork are the next indulgent course. The slow-cooked braised pork, which has the ideal ratio of fat to meat, is flavored with over ten botanicals and has a texture that is almost meatless. It goes well with both fluffy steamed sesame butterfly buns and fried sesame buns. The XL Crispy Noodles with Fresh Prawns are a must-try. The chewy Hong Kong noodles are coated in a rich seafood sauce. For an eye-catching display, large, fresh prawns that have been deshelled are arranged on top.

Those who savor seafood will be delighted. Infusing the sweet fish with the earthy flavour of the Cordyceps Flower Steamed Uncle Lapan Fish. This dish adds a sweet umami note. Inviting as well are the XO Scallops accompanied by Sweet Peas and Fresh Lily Bulbs. A handmade samsui XO sauce, spiked with umami from dried scallops and shrimp, is stir-fried with plump scallops. The crunch of the lily bulbs and sweet peas makes for a nice textural contrast.

The Samsui Ginger Chicken is an essential part of each Soup Restaurant dinner. The aromatic ginger sauce is just the thing to dunk into the succulent, juicy, and tender chicken. Peach Gum & Honey Pear with Oolong Tea is a dessert that will enhance your mother’s beauty and is the perfect way to end the meal. Premium black tea, honey pear, and peach gum are the ingredients in this double-boiled dessert. Antioxidants in these ingredients promote healthy skin by increasing collagen formation.

Citibank and OCBC card members can enjoy $10 off any Parent’s Day Set Menu when dining in. Reservations can be made in store or via WhatsApp at 9897 3761.


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