Visit Love, Bonito’s First-Ever Shophouse Takeover to Celebrate a Ready-to-Live Attitude


If you are in the Chinatown area, you might wanna pop by Love, Bonito’s first-ever shophouse takeover. Entitled “The House of Love, Bonito”, the inaugural shophouse pop-up is where the leading womenswear brand in Southeast Asia launches its new brand identity.

Entrance to The House of Love, Bonito and the Design Studio.

At The House of Love, Bonito, get a good browse-through of the brand’s new Signatures collection, while you nibble on savoury bites, relax with a good book or mingle with other empowered women. Carrying the new slogan “Ready-to-live, not just ready-to-wear,” the space adopts the theme of a studio apartment evoking the dwelling of a multi-faceted Asian woman.

Guests will get to enjoy personal sharing sessions with key opinion leaders and styling workshops led by Asian fashion experts among the important programming that will be available to the public from 15 to 24 March 2024.

From Left to Right: Rachel Lim (Co-founder of Love, Bonito), Gym Tan (Content Creator), Arden Cho (Korean-American Actress), Dione Song (CEO of Love, Bonito), Mya Miller (Content Creator).

The brand celebrated with a big launch event on the evening of 14 March. Attendees on the first night included international A-listers such as Korean-American actress Arden Cho, mother-daughter duo Gym Tan and Mya Miller, Filipino content creator Kryz Uy, Chinese-American content creator Weylie Hoang, Hong Kong celebrity Grace Chan, Malaysian content creator Koe Yeet,  Indonesian content creator Elxi Elvina and Singaporean celebrity Munah Bagharib.

An Authentic Home is Where the Heart is

The House of Love, Bonito takes its cues from the rich Asian cultural past; it is a home-based design that visually portrays the daily lives of Asian women. As you walk through the shophouse, imagine the modern Asian woman wearing the multipurpose Signatures collection while living comfortably, touring her living room, home design studio and closet.

Don’t forget to try on the new collection, take in the photo-worthy ambiance, then print off some picture strips in the laundry-style booth. The design studio provides an inside look at the brand’s design process by displaying images of fitting sessions with real women of different sizes, as well as excerpts from technical drawings.

A sandwich dish from Two Men Bagel House.

Perhaps the kitchen is everyone’s favourite room. Traditional Chinese pastries like ang ku kueh (also known as red turtle cake), kopi (coffee in Malay), and teh (tea in Malay) are available at Ji Xiang Confectionery and Coffee Break, two local Asian heritage enterprises run by women. Two Men Bagel House, a modern bagel shop, is another way the brand has subtly invited male supporters to join the discussion. The Asian Fit, Lau Pat Sat and Latkes & Beef Pastriami are three unique flavours that are perfect for chatting it up and making new friends.

A Space for Conversing Real-World Women Issues

With a lineup of strong female speakers, Love, Bonito is providing a safe space for people to converse about a variety of issues that affect women today. Listen in as influential women in business break barriers and offer advice on an array of subjects, including leadership and personal finance, in these ready-to-live talks.

Korean-American actress Arden Cho giving her speech.

Yoga classes with athletic apparel brand cheak, a stand-up comedy show with Sharul Channa, and Style & Sip classes with Weylie Hoang (a Chinese-American YouTuber) and Gym Tan and Mya Miller (a mother-daughter content creation pair) are all on the agenda for the community’s more lighthearted events. Here you can sign up for any program ticket (up to S$5) on a first-come-first-served basis.

Inside the shophouse, shoppers will delight at Love, Bonito’s new collection.

From 15 to 24 March, visit The House of Love, Bonito at 4 Jiak Chuan Road. Learn more about the pop-up by clicking here.

You may find Love, Bonito’s Signatures Collection on their website and at all of their stores worldwide.


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