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Club 5’s new Bartenders’ Choice of Cocktails menu aims to flip the script on the traditional bartender-customer dynamic by allowing guests to get to know the bartenders who make their drinks.

The gist is as follows: order Club 5’s Bartenders’ Choice of Cocktails to get to know the bartenders, and here’s the best part, if you take a selfie with them, you might win free drinks.

Club 5’s New Cocktails including the Bartenders’ Choice of Cocktails.

The name says it all: it’s a trio of cocktails created by three different bartenders, each with their own unique style and flair. Created by hand with a combination of regional and foreign ingredients, these drinks are a reflection of the mixologist’s sense of style, worldview, and, most crucially, cocktail-making prowess.

Head bartender Richard Li, along with his colleagues Rino and Amy, has created cocktails that go beyond being mere beverages. What they are and who they are become a cocktail in every one of their drinks.

Head Bartender Richard’s Choco Sesame cocktail.

Bartenders’ Choice of Cocktails

Head Bartender Richard Li and his Choco Sesame

Head bartender Richard Li’s extroverted personality and boundless energy make him an ideal bartender. He has a natural talent for coming up with unique cocktails that complement his customers’ personalities, which he uses to meet new people and get to know them on a deeper level. As a consequence, Club 5 has witnessed some of his most remarkable creations. He also goes by the names avant-garde and experimental.

Head Bartender Richard.

This chocolate-sesame Martini riff defies expectations with its strong umami character and see-through appearance. A cosmopolitan expression of Kampong Gelam, this cocktail combines gin, vodka, and sesame infusion with a chocolate nib clinging to the glass for garnish. Chocolate symbolises Western indulgence, while sesame infusion honours traditional Eastern flavours.

Bartender Rino and his Rum Banana Old Fashioned

Many who have conversations with Rino over drinks look to him as a welcome sanity check since he tells it how it is and keeps things simple. Serious topics do not frighten him, and meaningful conversations set his brain into gear. He is always willing to lend an ear. His drink style is a reflection of his dedication to a balanced and daring approach.

Bartender Rino.

The Rum Banana is a one-of-a-kind Old-Fashioned cocktail that pays tribute to the region’s historic spice trade routes with its blend of banana saccharum, bitters, and premium rum. This drink is a wonderful combination of understated elegance and the exotic flavors brought by seafaring merchants, symbolised by the banana saccharum.

Bartender Amy and her Hawthorn

Amy, a mixologist who relishes a good challenge, is outgoing and fearless in her aspirations. She never fails to put her visitors in a good mood with her infectious energy and boundless enthusiasm. Amy isn’t afraid to shake things up in the mixology world; her lively and mischievous nature and her carpe diem attitude guarantee it.

Bartender Amy.

The premium gin dominates Amy’s blend of herbs and hawthorn, which brings out the subtle sweetness of the hawthorn and herbal undertones. The herbal infusion and hawthorn undertones honour the neighbourhood’s rich cultural diversity. Sip at your leisure to let the flavours develop before making a decision.

Club 5 Promotion: Take a Selfie with the Bartenders and Get a Complimentary Cocktail

In February, Club 5 is preparing a tasty offer wherein customers may win a free drink simply by posing for a selfie with one of the bartenders!

Just stick to these simple lines:

 Collaborate with any bartender for a selfie, share the story on social media with the hashtag @club5sg, follow and like Club 5’s social media accounts, and the bartender of your choosing will give you a complimentary specialty cocktail.

And then there’s more…

In addition to the four current cocktails, another three new creations round out the menu.

Chrysanthemum is one among them; it’s a flowery, aromatic concoction of white Vermouth, herbs, and subtle star anise notes. The Kaya Pandan pays tribute to regional flavours with its blend of white rum, pandan syrup, and citrus and orange juices.

Bartender Amy’s Hawthorn cocktail.

Made with Roku gin, roselle, gingerflower, and citrus, the Okinawa Winter Flower is Japan’s very own ode. Finally, the Fizzy Tiger is a sexually suggestive cocktail that combines Hendricks gin, pumpkin, beer, and citrus, all topped off with a smooth froth for an opulent experience.

Club 5 at PARKROYAL on Beach Road is located at 7500 Beach Rd, Singapore 199591.


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