The New Adidas Predator Hits the Shelves at Western Corp’s 313@Somerset Store


The new adidas Predator will be launched at Weston Corp’s 313@Somerset store from 26 to 28 January 2024. Weston Corp is the premier full-service football retailer in the region.

In a full-scale adidas Predator takeover of Weston Corp, the joy of scoring a goal comes to life. The exhibit, which spans three zones, takes visitors on a trip through the Predator’s growth while putting them in the shoes of a goal scorer. All of this prepares them to feel the pure joy that comes from accomplishing a goal, a sensation that speaks to the core of the Predator’s identity.

The new adidas Predator.

Football fans in Southeast Asia know they can get the best selection of football gear from Weston Corp, the region’s premier football merchandiser. Since its debut in 1994, the brand has been one of the few stores to carry every adidas Predator model, cementing its place in history. Their partnership with adidas brings together businesses with a common history in football, giving fans something beyond what they can get at a typical store.

The two companies’ mutual love of football, according to Amandeep Chopra, Weston Corp.’s sales director, was the driving force for their successful partnership. Chopra adds that the event is a celebration of another milestone in the two brands’ lengthy history, and that Weston Corp. is thrilled to reveal this immersive experience honouring the beautiful game.

The New adidas Predator

Seen on the feet of football greats like Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham, the adidas Predator is widely considered to be one of the game’s most iconic shoe styles. The new Predator exemplifies adidas’s steadfast dedication to advancing the frontiers of sports technology and design, and it is a monument to the groundbreaking leap in innovation that it represents.

 Photo © adidas

Crowned as the “Lightest Predator Ever Made,” these cutting-edge kicks include Primeknit uppers for all-day comfort and Strikeskin technology for enhanced grip where it counts most—the striking section of the shoe. At this event, people will be able to see the Predator—the football shoe of the future—up close and personal, thanks to its innovative design.

Additionally, the much-requested distinctive fold-over tongue is back for another year, paying homage to the design of earlier Predator models. The only place for collectors to get their hands on the Predator with the fold-over tongue is at Weston Corp locations.

Get These New Cool Kicks

Head out to 313@Somerset to get the new adidas Predator and bend it like Beckham either on the football field or anywhere you go.

The Weston Corp store is located at 313@Somerset at 313 Orchard Road, Singapore. The store will be open from 11am to 9pm daily.


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