It’s a Baby Lexus! Lexus Unveils Their New Lexus LBX Hybrid at the Singapore Motorshow 2024


For those looking for compact cars and yet do not want to compromise on luxury, you might have just found your answer in the new Lexus LBX.

Unveiled at the Singapore Motorshow 2024 yesterday, the all-new Lexus LBX is the only crossover in its class that can self-charge its battery. The first COE Category A car from the Japanese automaker, the self-charging full hybrid is a wonder. Its exceptional combination of luxury, performance, and comfort has set new standards, mirroring the vision of Lexus Master Driver Akio Toyoda who had a desire to challenge traditional ideas of luxury cars and that is where the LBX got its start. A little trivia – Akio Toyoda actually got the idea for the LBX from his own pair of Maison Margiela shoes.

The Lexus LBX is currently on display at the Singapore Motorshow, happening at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre till 14 January, along with other Lexus models including the ES, NX, RX, LM, and the all-electric RZ, from sedans to MPVs.

The All-New Lexus LBX

The perfect driving companion to your active and on-the-go lifestyle.

The new LBX is the pinnacle of efficiency, thanks to its self-charging 1.5-litre hybrid electric system, which has been fine-tuned for satisfying performance and maximum fuel economy. This makes it the perfect car for city driving. With its state-of-the-art Mark Levinson premium audio system and comprehensive suite of best-in-class advanced safety features, this newest Lexus boasts cutting-edge technology while preserving the brand’s signature qualities of craftsmanship and luxury. This awesome ride is undoubtedly built to provide an unmatched driving experience.

First-Ever COE Category A Lexus Model in Singapore

Going back to Lexus Master Driver Akio Toyoda’s vision of creating a compact-sized luxury vehicle that exceeds all the expectations of the most demanding driver, Lexus reimagined the traditional idea of luxury cars.

A compact car with spacious and comfortable interior.

A complete upgrade was carried out on the GA-B compact class platform, which included improvements to electrification technology and key engineering characteristics. With the goal of realising the Lexus Driving Signature, innovative design concepts were put in place to make people happy to spend time behind the wheel. By providing them with an exciting and comfortable ride, drivers would want to stay behind the wheel forever.

A “Premium Casual” design concept was applied in the design of this new hybrid automobile. This is distinguished by an air of understated sophistication that transcends its category.

Designed and engineered to make driving more enjoyable and safer.

Creating a small crossover that combines practicality with a touch of luxury for those who value attention to detail was the goal. Impressive proportions and an assured posture characterise the outside, which is enhanced by the most recent “Unified Spindle” front fascia design from Lexus.

The interior features a luxury design and meticulous stitching that guarantee top-notch quality. A sense of inviting and peaceful vibe became the aim in creating a space to help the driver relax and feel one with the vehicle. The All-fresh LBX is an alluring option for anyone looking to right size their vehicle choice to suit their changing lifestyle requirements or purchase a second vehicle, as it represents a fresh entry point to Lexus’ model range.

Challenging the Existing Notion of a Luxury Car

“Lexus Breakthrough X(cross)-over” is the acronym for the revamped LBX. Careful planning went into its construction so that it would defy expectations of a luxury vehicle. Producing a car that lets the discriminating buyer unwind, be authentic, and trust their valued driving companion remained at the heart of Lexus’s ultimate vision.

Roomy and plush seats for a convenient ride.

As the All-New LBX, a revolutionary subcompact crossover, makes its debut in 2024, marking the beginning of a new adventure for Lexus, Lexus will remain the premier provider of luxury vehicles and unparalleled service to its customers since the LBX embodies the brand’s fundamental principles.

Lexus’ Signature Driving Experience

With its innovative 1.5-litre self-charging full hybrid electric powertrain, the LBX achieves exceptional fuel economy and the rapid, precise acceleration that is exclusive to battery power.

A new bi-polar nickel metal hydride (NiMH) hybrid battery, which supports quick, linear acceleration and gives a better power density and output, is now standard on the LBX and two other Lexus models. The LBX takes its cue from the Japanese idea of Tazuna, meaning “reins of a horse,” and builds a cockpit that gives the driver complete command.

Innovation with attention to detail.

The LBX sits atop the custom-built GA-B platform and features an ergonomically sound driving position and package that puts the driver seamlessly in the driver’s seat, all while achieving an unprecedented degree of silence via an emphasis on vibration and sound suppression from the ground up. Both the LBX’s spectacular driving characteristics and its eye-catching design are influenced by its aerodynamics. For eco-friendly power on the go, the LBX has a state-of-the-art Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) system that uses cutting-edge electrification technology.

A Next Generation Design

The LBX is a dynamic performer in proportions. Both the tires and the new “Unified Spindle” front fascia completely reimagine what it means to be a conventional compact automobile. A low centre of gravity and a straightforward, rooted posture are highlighted by the back design, which results in an eye-catching appearance.

A hybrid car that is dependable on all occasions.

Inside, the LBX boasts a level of sophistication normally seen in more expensive automobiles. The interior 64 ambient lighting sets a cozy and welcoming mood, and the engaging cockpit puts driving pleasure first, taking the experience to a whole new level of luxury. A new frontal configuration that “breaks” the spindle grille ushers Lexus into a new era—the most crucial component of the design.

A single trapezoid grille, highlighted by a one-piece chrome moulding, sits beneath a thin aperture that extends beneath the leading edge of the bonnet, connecting the slim headlight units. The “Resolute Look” that debuted on the 2003 LF-S concept car and went on to become a hallmark of Lexus’s production models in the early 2000s is an inspiration for the design.

The exterior colour options include vibrant tints and Lexus’s deep-lustre sonic finishes, allowing consumers to freely express themselves with a variety of colours, embracing unique flair.

Bringing A Technology Suited for Today’s Drivers

Although the All-New LBX has plush seats, that’s not the extent of its luxury. The LBX has cutting-edge innovation, connectivity, and entertainment systems that you wouldn’t expect in a compact car.

An exclusive audio partner of Lexus, Mark Levinson, has created a high-end system with 13 strategically placed speakers for the vehicle. An accurate and full-bodied sound stage, smoothly balanced frequency characteristics, and outstanding clarity and definition are all delivered by the system’s revolutionary Mark Levinson Quantum Logic Surround technology.

Available in a variety of colours that expresses your unique style.

An Advanced Park system is available for the LBX; it employs a network of four cameras and eight ultrasonic sensors to acquire comprehensive, real-time coverage of the area immediately surrounding the vehicle. With fewer repositioning actions, the driver may accomplish smooth and effective automatic parking manoeuvres. Reverse, front-first, parallel, and series parking, as well as forward egress from a parallel parking position, are all possible with the help of an automatic park feature.

It manages the shifter, brakes, accelerator, and steering, all of which are critical for controlling the car. With the Head-Up Display, drivers can easily see critical information projected onto the windshield at a safe eye-level, making sure they’re prepared for every trip and have a pleasant ride.

The LBX comes standard with the most recent generation of Lexus Safety System+. These includes a suite of safety features and driver assistance capabilities. As a result, the vehicle is outfitted with several technologies that can identify potential accident hazards, notify the driver. If necessary, administer autonomous steering, braking, and drive force control to either prevent or mitigate the impact of an accident.

The LBX’s 12.3-inch full LCD display meter improves visibility and control. The PCS, which uses a revolutionary combination of front radar and camera sensors, increases the detection range. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitor with Safe Exit Assist, Reversing Camera, and Parking Support Brake all work together to make manoeuvres easier.

Exclusive to the Singapore Motorshow 2024, Lexus consumers have the chance to win a one-week test drive of the All-New LBX and enjoy the Launch Package. The Lexus Boutique will begin offering test drives in the middle of January 2024.


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