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Singapore may be known as a food hub for its wide array of international cuisines – but let’s face it, a good ol’ zichar will always be in the centre of our hearts. One familiar name in the zichar scene is Yang Ming Seafood, which first began four years ago in one of Bishan’s kopitiams. Now, its second outlet inconspicuously hidden within Ubi’s industrial buildings has popped up, and is now celebrating its second anniversary with some seriously delicious new drops.

The homegrown brand is known for its fresh live seafood beyond the trusty zichar fare. Regulars frequently come back for their iconic Andrew Lobster Chee Cheong Fun and Pig’s Stomach Chicken Soup – specialties you don’t often find elsewhere. This time around, to mark another year of mouthwatering achievements, Yang Ming Seafood Ubi is unveiling a store-exclusive menu with some tantalising new additions.

Fellow carb lovers will love the chewy Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF

One new introduction that was my personal favourite was the Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF 燒焦豬腳豬腸粉(S$25). While other eateries often feature dishes like Chao Tah Bee Hoon, I loved how the smoky taste was uniquely paired with the chewy and more moist chee cheong fun. The idea of pig trotter as an ingredient may also sound scary to some at first – but rather than being too overwhelming, it was a subtle flavour that paired extremely well with the omelette egg – overall, the dish felt like a chewier and even more savoury version of a carrot cake, that was seriously addictive with every bite.

Another chee cheong fun item is their Golden Gravy Crab with CCF 金湯螃蟹豬腸粉, where you can sink your teeth into the sweet claws of either their Indonesian live crab (S$95/kg) or Sri Lankan live crab (S$100/kg). The ingenious chee cheong fun base serves well to soak up the crab stock and their golden pumpkin gravy to create a well-rounded dish.

One scoop of the Umami Crab Seafood Paofan will leave you longing for more

Visually (and gastronomically) pleasing, they also now offer a Umami Crab Seafood Paofan 蟹蔣蝦兵泡飯(S$138) for all you paofan lovers out there. It comes in a generous portion that we readily slurped up along with the crispy rice bits, and the hearty broth is enriched by the live crab and prawns used.

An all-time favourite, the Andrew Lobster with CCF

I’ll be honest and admit that I may have been living under a rock – prior to this I had not heard of Yang Ming Seafood before. But having been there and sampled the menu, I now see why they’ve gained quite the following, so much that even Taiwanese singer Wakin Chau has been there.

It feels slightly criminal not to mention the star of the show, their signature Andrew Lobster (available with fresh Boston or Australian) lobsters, poached in a delectably sweet homemade sauce. You’ll also easily find a variety of seafood options from their Salt and Pepper Prawns, Salt Baked Crab to Fried Baby Sotong – with guaranteed freshness from their live tanks.

I mean this when I say I’ll be back – their repertoire of dishes will please the tastebuds of all generations, which makes this the ideal place for your upcoming Chinese New Year dinners if you’re already starting to brainstorm. The Ubi outlet does have convenient parking options nearby, and a large dining area to accommodate a crowd. If needed, you can call in to enquire about their VIP room which can hold up to 30 pax.

Be one of the first to enjoy the debut of these dishes and plan your next visit soon. To avoid disappointment, do remember to pre-order their popular classics – the Andrew Lobster Chee Cheong Fun and Pig’s Stomach Chicken Soup (which we highly recommend)! Do also take note that the new items may not yet be on their physical menu if you’re visiting before the year ends – however, you can still request for them from the staff.

Finally, be sure to enjoy their free corkage services, made available to all dine-in guests. Pair your crustaceans with your favourite wines and they’ll provide drink glasses without additional charge.

Yang Ming Seafood (Bishan)
150 Bishan Street 11
Singapore 570150
Operating Hours: Daily 11am–2pm and 4.30pm–10pm

Yang Ming Seafood (Ubi)
71 Ubi Cres, #01-05
Excalibur Centre
Singapore 408571
Operating Hours: Daily 11am–2.30pm, 4.30pm–10.30pm


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