W Hotels’ ‘W Presents’ Series Pumps Up the Live Electronic Music Scene in Asia-Pacific


As more artists and brands join in the promotion of electronic music industry in Asia-Pacific, live performances of this genre are getting increasingly exciting and more frequent. W Hotels has expanded its live electronic concert series W PRESENTS to the Asia-Pacific region.

The series began in March this year in North America with showcases at W Toronto, W Seattle, W Nashville, W Philadelphia, W Montreal and W Aspen, and has since expanded across the world. Channel Tres, Neil Frances, Aluna, HVNLEE, Joshua Lang and DJ Gee Xella are just a few of the electronic music acts that have been featured on the show, which is hosted by Leah Chisholm (LP Giobbi), the Global Director of Music for W Hotels.

Italian electronic music headliners, Giolì & Assia.

The newest manifestation of the hotel brand’s dedication to diversity and the promotion of musical talent – W PRESENTS – has been carefully crafted as an immersive private presentation that both guests and locals can enjoy. Performers in the series take the stage in renowned venues like the W Living Rooms (the lobby/lounge of W Hotels) and experiential places like the in-suite recording studios at certain W Hotels around the world.

W PRESENTS Goes to W Osaka

Launching with W Osaka on 18 November, the Asia-Pacific W PRESENTS series featured an opening set by well-known Japanese actors, models, and DJs SHUZO & YAMATO. Then, the Italian headliners, Giolì & Assia, were announced. Giolì & Assia are renowned for their indie techno pop sound, which delights in juxtaposing light and dark, hope and despair, classical and contemporary. Live, the duo showcased a fusion of electric vocals, powerful melodies, and the distinctive sonorities of their handpans.

DJ Shuzo and DJ Yamato performing in W Osaka.

LP Giobbi, Global Director of Music, W Hotels, credits the arrival of W PRESENTS in Asia-Pacific, particularly in Osaka, Japan, in serving as a platform for sparking the vision of the brightest talents in the music industry. Giobbi adds that W PRESENTS, provides a limitless platform for up-and coming and established artists alike to channel their creativity energy into their craft.

W Hotels has been at the vanguard of music for decades, functioning as both a curator of talent and an influential connector in the area, with live performance series, professional hotel suite recording facilities, and a global music festival series. Following the launch of W PRESENTS in Osaka, the excitement continued in Shanghai when  Japanese powerhouse DJ Qrion headlined the W Shanghai Presents on 25 November with her distinctive lush synth textures.

DJ Qrion headlining at W Shanghai.

Wherever the distinctive W sign lands, W Hotels has been redefining hospitality for almost 20 years, drawing inspiration from the daring, round-the-clock lifestyle of New York City. W Hotels, which has over 60 properties in different parts of the world and is known for its meticulous design, is also in the vanguard of hotels that promote live electronic music so that guests have additional ways to enjoy themselves.


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