Revolutionary Orthopaedic Flip Flops From Archies Footwear Debuts in Singapore


Dime a dozen footwear brands claim their footwear to be comfortable for the feet. But we might have just found the answer to casual footwear that provides all-day sole comfort in the newly-released orthopaedic flip-flops from Archies Footwear.

Archies Footwear’s newly-launched footwear are no ordinary slip-ons; they’re the pinnacle of what footwear should be about in terms of comfort and design. These revolutionary flip-flops look set to be a game-changer, thanks to its one-piece design, which provides outstanding arch support and durability without sacrificing style or budget.

The new Archie’s Footwear products is also ideal for traveling.

Living up to the vision of its founder Daniel Jones, a physiotherapist with a passion for the often-overlooked anatomy and needs of the human foot, Archies Footwear is closing on a game-changing product. Everybody’s feet are in for a treat following the much-anticipated Australian flip-flop company’s Singaporean debut in November.

Archies Footwear revolutionises slippers by fusing the lightweight ease of flip-flops with the supportive arch of orthopaedic shoes. What makes Archies Footwear unique is their patented specialised memory foam footbed and one-piece design. A moulded footbed provides orthopaedic support of up to 2.2cm, and the distinctive raised heel design alleviates strain on the Achilles tendon and calf. This moulds to the shape of the foot, ensuring that the feet are in the most advantageous bio-mechanical position possible by supporting the arch.

Providing Ease and Alleviating Existing Foot Conditions

Archies Footwear not only helps with foot problems like plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis, but also with overall postural alignment, translating into less back pain for the wearer. This all-encompassing method improves the mechanics of the lower limbs, which in turn makes the feet healthier and happier and, eventually, the body healthier as a whole.

Not only that, but the straps are stretchy and form-fitting, so they provide an ergonomic fit without requiring toe clutching, and the strap head is ultra-durable and won’t snap. Wearing Archies footwear all day long will keep your feet and tendons healthy so you can walk miles and miles without pain.

These new footwear comes in many colours and other intricate markings.

In addition to providing all-day comfort and support, Archies footwear is a classic piece that will never go out of style. These basic flip-flops are available in six essential colours at launch: White, Coral, Navy, Mint and Sky Blue. They are lightweight and effortlessly stylish. Upcoming updates will bring additional colour options and stylistic options, such sliders.

Comfortable on the feet.

Several world-class athletes now uses Archies Footwear flip-flops, including Sam Kerr, a highly esteemed female soccer player, and Dustin Martin and Patrick Dangerfield, who play Australian Rules football. Podiatrists, PTs, and chiropractors are among the health and fitness experts who advocate using it. Not content to stop at producing high-quality flip-flops, Archies Footwear has also contributed 25,000 pairs to the charity Soles4Souls and 15,000 pairs to healthcare professionals in Australia, demonstrating their dedication to making a good social impact.

Retailing for S$45, Archies Footwear’s gender-neutral flip flops are available in six colours at Archie Asia’s website and Weston Corp – Queensway Shopping Centre in Singapore.


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