Perrier Just Got Cooler With PERRIER + STARCK and It Comes with a Lifestyle Experience at M Social Singapore


Perrier has just gotten cooler.

The French beverage label is unveiling a series of exciting new surprises in addition to reinventing its distinctive green bottle in celebration of its 160th anniversary. Kicking it off on 28 November 2023 is the new limited-edition PERRIER + STARCK in Singapore. This reimagining of the classic glass bottle has been elevated to new heights by the brilliant designer Philippe Starck.

The PERRIER + STARCK collaborative new bottle.

In Starck’s redesign, the famous Perrier bottle retains its signature shape while becoming a one-of-a-kind creative object that is both stunning and beautiful. The optical lens design by Fresnel and its effect on light diffraction served as an inspiration for the visually arresting thin horizontal streaks etched into the glass surface of the PERRIER + STARCK bottle. These streaks play with optics and light, drawing attention to the poetry and immense energy housed within the bottle’s bubbles.

Celebrating the Fabulous Energy of PERRIER

Collaborating with renowned artists is nothing new for the PERRIER + STARCK label. This latest collaboration with Starck design is just the most recent in a long line of successful partnerships. Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac, Jean Carlu, Jean-Gabriel Domergue and Takashi Murakami are just a few of the world-renowned artists and creative figures who have collaborated with PERRIER throughout its 160-year existence. Each of these individuals brought their distinct artistic perspective to bring the French brand’s image up to date.

PERRIER + STARCK bottle (311ml).

Joining up with M Social Singapore, PERRIER is hosting an inviting hotel and cocktail experience to commemorate the launch in Singapore. The official partner location has been chosen as M Social Singapore; a modern lifestyle accommodation designed by Starck.

PERRIER + STARCK bottle (727ml).

You can bask in the creative spirit of PERRIER + STARCK at M Social Singapore’s Loft Premier Room from 1 December 2023 to 29 February 2024–the room adorned with the brilliant green hues of PERRIER, of course. Each guest will also receive a special do-it-yourself cocktail kit in their accommodation to further enhance this experience. Guests will also receive two bottles from the limited-edition PERRIER + STARCK collection.

PERRIER was designed by the famed French designer Philippe Starck.

Breakfast for two, $50 in Beast & Butterflies dining credits, and special PERRIER products are all part of the PERRIER + STARCK staycation package, which starts at $290++ per night. Certain dates are off-limits.

Beast & Butterflies x Perrier

Beast & Butterflies, the flagship restaurant of M Social Singapore, has revised its menu and added four new PERRIER cocktails. The Tom Yum PERRIER drink takes its refreshing inspiration from PERRIER and combines Asian flavours with lychee, ginger, lemongrass, basil and Thai bird chilli. With PERRIER Pineapple Flavoured Sparkling Water, salted pineapple froth and pineapple saccharum on top, Starck’s Negroni adds an unusual twist to the traditional Negroni Spagliato. Another standout is the PERRIER Mon Chéri, which tastes like a refreshing summer salad thanks to its combination of vodka, cherry tomatoes, and PERRIER Peach and Cherry Flavoured Sparkling Water.

Perrier corner at Beast and Butterflies.

Philippe Starck’s ingenious designs grace M Social Singapore once more. The creative energy of Starck permeates every aspect of the hotel. The sophisticated bottle, with its one-of-a-kind story, exquisitely embodies the manner in which M Social Singapore crafts an authentically theatrical event.

Prices for PERRIER + STARCK range from S$64 for a set of four bottles to S$345.60 for a carton of 24 311ml bottles. At the same time, a single 727ml bottle costs $25 and a case of 12 costs $270. The bottles may only be purchased via, and shipping is free for orders of $100 or more.


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