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Do you leave your diamond jewellery at home when you travel for fear of losing them overseas? Yet, you miss having the bling to go with your outfits. Well, Éclat by Oui, a Singapore-based jewellery brand, understands that predicament and the brand was born out of that idea.

Timeless jewellery pieces to celebrate life’s special moments.

Éclat by Oui got its start in 2016 when its founder, a neuroscience graduate named Ethel Neo, misplaced her engagement ring while on the road. Because of this distressing incident, Ethel decided to search for a travel ring, but could not find a suitable one. In light of this, she decided to launch her own collection of travel jewellery.

Since then, Éclat by Oui has come to be known for their pocket-friendly and elegant diamond stimulant jewellery.

The Cluster Marquise Necklace. 

The decision to focus on travel jewellery, a typically niche category of jewellery, was also realistic. Travel jewellery are worn in place of expensive or sentimental pieces, to minimise the fear of damage, loss or theft. Most end up being unsuitable for the wearer’s style and personality. In contrast, the creations of Éclat by Oui are both affordable and eye-catching.

Eclat Classic Ring.

People are sad after losing a piece of jewellery, as pointed out by Ethel Neo. She came to realise that the true value of an item of jewellery lies not in its monetary worth but in the sentimental attachment it evokes, similar to a deeply held memory.

Jewellery Pieces to Live in and Love by

The French word for “brilliance” (éclat) captures the essence of Ethel’s brand dedication to creating exquisite jewellery that not only sparkles but also enables contemporary women through its flawless craftsmanship and graceful, enduring designs.

There is a wide range of jewellery options in the Éclat by Oui line to accommodate different tastes and events. Their classic collection is where their best-selling items originate. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously handcrafted in Hong Kong using time-honoured methods for fine jewellery.

A lot of people love Éclat by Oui because of how meticulous they create their jewelries. The care and consideration that went into each designs and products is evident.

The Lily Hooped Earrings are a timeless example of this style; rather than having the stones set on the outside, they are purposefully lined on the inside. A seamless glimmer when worn, an inside-out setting creating the impression of an endless circle.

“We want our jewellery pieces to be loved and lived in,” mused Ethel.

The Tabitha Bracelet is another favorite jewellery item because of its well-thought design.

Éclat by Oui’s collection is available online and in-store at 313 Orchard Road #B1-38A, 313@Somerset Singapore 238895.


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