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Asian skin comes with its unique set of problems. Due to the increased melanin level in Asian skin, even a little redness or inflammation can cause permanent discolouration in this skin type, a condition known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). On top of being more prone to irritation and damage from environmental stresses, Asian skin is also characterised by a thinner stratum corneum. In addition, there is an increase in specific sensitivities like rosacea and eczema, which calls for the use of mild, calming substances to successfully address these skin concerns.

Skincare brand Derma Lab fully understands Asian skin is different from others and thus, has long been developing products suited for Asian skin. And the latest product to come out of its arsenal is the dermatologist-formulated Hydraceutic Pink Vitamin B12 Serum (S$49.90 for 30ml), a must-have for sensitive Asian skin.

The star of this new serum from Derma Lab is Vitamin B12, which can reduce the incidence of PIH in Asian skin by lowering redness and inflammation. Lest you think the pink hue is due to artificial colouring, Vitamin B12 is naturally pink.

The water-soluble Vitamin B12, even at a concentration of just 1%, can promote and sustain healthy, radiant skin. In addition to keeping skin healthy and facilitating its natural repair processes, it fortifies the skin barrier, making it more resistant to irritants. Eczema and similar skin disorders benefit greatly from this assistance in regenerating damaged skin cells.

Incorporating skin-building ceramides and skin-calming vitamin B12, the Hydraceutic Pink Vitamin B12 Serum nourishes the skin barrier and reduces moisture loss. By fortifying the skin’s protective barrier, it fights inflammation brought on by environmental factors including pollution, stress, acne and UV radiation. This inflammation can induce skin sensitivity reactions, early symptoms of ageing and even PIH.

In clinical trials, results have even shown that the serum increases skin hydration by 1.6 times in an instant, moisturises on a 24-hour duration of action and strengthens the skin’s barrier twice.

Hydraceutic Pink Vitamin B12 Serum works better when used with its accompanying ultimate serum besties, including:

Derma Lab Hydraceutic 5KDA Hyaluronic Intensifying Serum ($59.90 for 30ml)

A component of this serum is a very small molecular weight hyaluronic acid (around 5 kDa) that increases the skin’s ability to absorb water, resulting in profound hydration. This is ideal for deep hydration purposes.

Derma Lab Sebumclar Triple Power Clarifying Serum ($49.90 for 30ml)

Using a potent combination of 7% AHA, 2% Salicylic Acid (BHA), 2% PHA, and a generous 19% humectant, this serum effectively clears acne, soothes skin and controls oil production—all without drying out or irritating the skin.

Derma Lab Lumiclar Pure Vitamin C15 ($70.59 for 15ml)

This serum quickly achieves your brighter skin goals thanks to its 15% vitamin C content, which is one of the highest concentrations of pure vitamin C you can find in the market. It penetrates deep layers of the epidermis and evens out complexion for a radiant glow.

Derma Lab Agedefy Lipo Firming Serum ($70.55 for 30ml)

This serum, which was developed using Advanced Lipolysis Technology, improves skin elasticity and firmness by targeting extra facial fat cells. Facial, neck and décolletage sagging areas are immediately lifted and sculpted by its powerful combination.

The Derma Mimic Complex

Every product from Derma Lab has the same powerful ingredient, the Derma Mimic Complex. This key element helps restore damaged skin, activates Aquaporins for intense hydration, and strengthens Natural Moisturising Factors to keep moisture in. This groundbreaking dermatological research, which was created in collaboration with specialists, fortifies the protective layers of Asian skin and stops future outbreaks of sensitivity. When it comes to sensitive, dry skin, Derma Lab’s serums and concentrates with high amounts of Hyaluronic Acid are the way to go.

Derma Lab products are exclusively available at Watsons, FairPrice, CK and online.


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