South Korea’s Biggest Fried Chicken Chain BHC Chicken Expands With Second Outlet at KINEX


If you have been one of those who queued at BHC Chicken at Marina Square, you would be pleased to know that South Korea’s biggest fried chicken chain has just opened its second outlet in Singapore at KINEX in Paya Lebar.

What’s New on the Menu?

BHC Chicken and Killiney Kopitiam have joined forces to open a joint restaurant at KINEX’s lower level, adjacent to the latter’s existing location. This new outlet is serving new lunch combination packages, from 11am to 3pm daily from 6 November 2023. The lunch combo sets are only available at the KINEX outlet.

Comfort food at KINEX.

There are three sets to choose from. Boneless Retro (300g) is included in the Retro Rice Set for S$17.50 and comes with white rice and sweet and sour sauce, while boneless Macho King (300g) is included in the Macho King Kimchi Fried Rice Set for S$19.50 and comes with Kimchi Fried Rice and fried egg. For S$26.90, you can get boneless Bburinkle accompanied with Happy Bburing sauce, Happy Bburing Fries and your choice of beverage in the Happy Bburing Snack Combo.

Other Favourites

You can get your fill of the crispy, crunchy Korean goodness that is BHC Chicken in the form of a full bird, wings, or even boneless, juicy fillets.

The Bburinkle, fried chicken dusted with cheese and vegetable-flavoured seasoning and served with a Bburing Bburing dip, is a hot favourite. The alternate crunch is given a scorching kick by the Hot Bburinkle. For those who prefer their fried chicken simple, without any extra sauces or seasonings, The Retro is a great option. The Hot Retro adds just the right amount of heat and crunch to any situation.

The Macho King is the epitome of savory because to its signature coating of honey-based oriental sauce and fried chicken marinated in flavourful aged soy sauce. Those who can take the heat will like the Red King’s spicy chicken, which is liberally covered in a blend of hot chili peppers and garlic.

Another option is the Chi-Pongdang, which adds the enchantment of shrimp and garlic flakes to the crispiness of chicken. A whole chicken starts at $29.90, wings at $26.90, and boneless at S$27.90, with the prices varying depending on the flavour. You can get them individually, in sets, or as family sets. You can get a whole chicken and a side dish in the $32 combination set, or two whole chickens, two sides, and a rabokki or tteokbokki for S$72 as part of the family package.

Cheese Balls (Original/Bburing; S$6.90) molten cheese spheres fried to crunchy golden bites and Sotteok, (Red King/Bburing; S$7.90) delicious Korean sausage skewered with rice cake for savoury bites that interval between meaty and chewy, are two sides sure to entice with your fried chicken order.

Bburing Corndog (S$6.90) is a traditional corndog with a sprinkle of the same delicious garlic, onion, and cheese powder as the Bburing Cheese Stick (S$6.90), which are breaded and deep-fried for crunchiness. You can also get fries, which cost $6.90 without any toppings or $7.90 with bburing.

The Best of Korean Fried Chicken

BHC Chicken sets itself apart from other Korean fried chicken restaurants by offering just as tempting mains. The restaurant’s Samgyetang soup (S$22.90) features a young chicken stuffed with sticky rice and simmered in a ginseng, jujube, and garlic broth, making it a healthy and nourishing Korean dish.

Pork Kimchi Stew (S$16.90) is a hearty dish of sweet pork belly and hot, sour, and spicy kimchi stew seasoned with garlic, ginger, and chili sauce. The Spicy Fishcake Soup (S$19.90), a broth-based dish consisting of skewered Korean fishcakes cooked in a variety of spices, is the epitome of Korean comfort food for a dreary day or a particularly long week.

The Fish Soup Congee (S$12.90) is a simple and nourishing porridge cooked with fish slices loaded with vitamins, minerals and mouth-watering aromatics. For S$9.90, you may enjoy servings of rice fried with red kimchi. Tteokbokki, starting at S$12.90 (Spicy/Rose), is a simple dish that satisfies by covering a springy rice cake in a seasoned stew and topping it with an egg. Rabokki, also starting at S$12.90 (Spicy/Rose), is a similar dish that substitutes ramyeon noodles for the rice cake.

Have a chicken feast and more at BHC.

Pair your nibble with deserving sip in the form of classic Korean chimaek, or mouth-watering soju in a range of tastes. If you’re feeling hot, there are lots of refreshing beverages to choose from.

BHC Chicken Singapore (KINEX) is located at 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #B1-36, Singapore and opens from 11am until 9pm (Mon-Sun).


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