TOKYU HANDS Rebrands to HANDS With a Hip New Logo


When we go shopping in Japan, TOKYU HANDS is definitely one of our favourite go-to stops. Now, it has rebranded to a simpler and catchier brand name of HANDS since the brand started 47 years ago. The rebranding comes in the heels the brand becoming a subsidiary of CAINZ Corporation, a key operational firm in the BEISA Group.

The new name and logo better reflect the company’s commitment to its original mission of “Restoring the Hands” and to carrying on its rich history while looking forward to the future. The new tagline for HANDS is, “Inspiration starts from your hands. Excitement begins from your hands,” will bring about the desired improvement in quality of life and the establishment of a cultural way of life.

By the end of March 2024, the new corporate name and logo will be displayed in all HANDS stores, including the HANDS Singapore location. The company hoped that the adoption of the new moniker, HANDS, will lead to an increase in imaginative pursuits at home and in the wider world.

The new logo’s central “hand” image alludes to the company’s humble beginnings. It is designed to seem like a stylized version of the kanji word te (手)  and its “single stroke” construction represents the original intention to preserve the past while moving forward into the future. It also retains HANDS’s signature deep green color from the past in an effort to preserve the organization’s identity.

New Gift Items from HANDS

HANDS is delighted to announce the following refreshed products and new items for individuals looking for a special gift for their loved ones in the approaching festive seasons, including but not limited to birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other occasions.

Amane Shower Head.

Make a good impression by giving a thoughtful present in a novel packaging style that allows you to neatly wrap products of all sizes and shapes and add a personal touch with a handwritten note. The packaging is eco-friendly all the way down to the non-woven bag and paper seal.

Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Zone pens- exclusive pre-launch in Hands Singapore stores.

 To celebrate Pilot’s first official launch in the ASEAN area, the company has partnered with Hands Singapore to pre-sell their premium “Frixion Ball Knock Zone” pens. Learn more about the Frixion’s latest series, which features erasable ink with denser ink colors, a boost in writing saturation and capacity, and quieter pen clicking thanks to improved engineering. They come with Frixion refill upgrades that guarantee 30% increase in ink density, 40% increase in writing distance, and 70% increase in ink volume. The pen’s nib is held firmly and consistently by the pen’s new and improved smart tip holding technology.

Look forward to its redesigned Healthcare Corner, where beauty and wellness fans are welcome to check out numerous healthcare items before making a purchase. For improved spinal alignment while seated, options like the Backjoy Orthopedic Back Support and the Nishikawa Keeps Hip Pillow Cushion, available only at the Orchard Central shop, are available.

HANDS’ 7 Values for an Inspiring Do-It-Yourself Lifestyle

The “7 Values” that the new HANDS advocates in many parts of its stores are meant to spark customers’ originality, resourcefulness, and inspiration.

7 Values of a DIY Culture.

Explore HANDS stores and let them serve as a fertile ground for your creative spirit as you unearth fresh fashions, rare finds, and innovative looks. One can find and experience life-changing coffee products including immersion coffee brewers, French presses, and cold brew bottles.

Create your own unique routine by taking a look at what’s trending in the world of lifestyle design this time of year. Discover this in a corner of intriguing tools, kits, resources, and more to create lively and enjoyable stories for your personal and seasonal events of life. Japanese mechanical pencils, such the high-performance Pentel OrenzNero series, will also be available for testing.

HANDS Shopping Paper Bag featuring the new logo.

Celebrating the unveiling of its new name and new logo, HANDS has special promotions prepared to welcome new and loyal shoppers from 28 October to 5 November 2023. Redeem a free shopping bag with the new HANDS logo when you shop in-store. No minimum spend is required. Get a 10% off double discount coupon for your next purchase with a minimum spend of $30. Redeemable from 6 to 30 November and 1 to 31 December 2023.


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