How to Make Your Store More Appealing to Visiting Foreign Travellers


Attracting visiting foreign travellers to your store is a great way to diversify your customer base and increase sales. However, if your shop is located in a tourist-heavy area, then you’re aware of how fierce your competition can be. With every store in your nearest vicinity vying for the attention of visiting foreign travellers, your establishment can be easily overlooked. Thus, you’ll need to implement effective business strategies to make your store more appealing to foreign tourists and ensure that your store stays ahead of the curve.

Diversify Your Business’s Payment Options

Tourists from other countries might not always be able to pay with the local currency, so you should consider accepting more payment methods. To achieve this, you need a virtual payment terminal that can accommodate various payment options. For instance, the Maya Terminal by Maya Business is a portable payment terminal machine that accepts credit card, debit card, QR code and e-wallet payments in the Philippines. It also has dip (EMV) and tap (NFC) capabilities, allowing foreign travellers to pay for their card purchases using their preferred contactless payment method. Moreover, this modern POS device is EMV-certified, and PCI-DSS-compliant. These credentials ensure that these card payment terminals give your customers a layer of protection against various threats like identity theft and credit card fraud.

Put up Multilingual Signage

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Multilingual signage is a practical tool that not only helps foreign travellers navigate your store but also demonstrates your commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible shopping environment. Displaying essential information, such as product categories, price ranges, and sale promotions, in languages commonly spoken by tourists in your area removes language barriers, making it easier for visitors to understand and engage with your merchandise.

To make your multilingual signage even more effective, consider using culturally appropriate graphics and symbols that resonate with tourists from various backgrounds. This approach facilitates communication and adds an element of cultural charm to your store’s atmosphere. Moreover, the presence of multilingual signage can reflect positively on your store’s image, showing that you’re attentive to the diverse needs of your clientele.

Hire Multilingual Staff

The presence of multilingual staff members can make a world of difference in how foreign tourists perceive your store. Beyond the convenience of effective communication, multilingual employees create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages tourists to linger and explore. They can also offer insights into local attractions, suggest products that align with the visitors’ cultural preferences, and provide foreign customers with an overall personalised shopping experience. Such interactions leave a positive impression on foreign visitors and can result in increased sales and positive reviews.

Provide Training on Cultural Sensitivity

In addition to language skills, staff members should be trained in cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness. Training in these areas can help employees understand and respect the customs, traditions, and preferences of foreign customers. A culturally sensitive staff can also handle delicate situations with grace and empathy. For example, they can be better prepared to handle issues related to dietary restrictions, religious considerations and cultural differences that may arise during customer interactions. Such sensitivity fosters goodwill and ensures that your store is a place where all visitors will feel respected and valued.

Offer Locally Made Products

Offering a wide array of products that showcase the diversity and richness of your own country’s culture and craftsmanship can be a strategic move that will make your store an attractive destination for foreign travellers. It allows for a one-stop shopping experience that appeals to tourists who are seeking authentic and culturally significant merchandise. Include items such as locally made handicrafts, artisanal goods and food products that travellers can’t easily find elsewhere. Moreover, regularly updating your product offerings and collaborating with local artisans can keep your store fresh and make it enticing to repeat visitors

Collaborate with Hotels, Local Tourism Agencies or Tour Operators

Collaborating with key players in the local tourism industry can significantly boost your store’s visibility among tourists. For instance, you can collaborate with hotels to offer exclusive discounts or promotions to their guests. This not only incentivises hotel guests to visit your store but also ensures that your business is recommended as a must-visit destination by the hotels in your community. Collaborations with local tourism agencies and tour operators, on the other hand, can lead to joint marketing initiatives. By including your store in tour itineraries or city guides, you can attract tourists who are actively seeking authentic shopping experiences during their stay.

Making your shop more appealing to visiting foreign travellers will help boost your business’s sales and profitability. When you can accommodate the unique needs of travellers from all over the world, your store creates a welcoming atmosphere where they can shop with convenience and peace of mind. It’ll also give you a new market to explore, expanding your customer base. Additionally, your business will leave a positive, lasting impression on foreign travellers, boosting your store’s brand reputation as a result.


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