Singapore Foodies Are in for More Affordable Yummy Treats Thanks to Grab Food


One of the leading food delivery and transport apps in Southeast Asia, GRAB is treating foodies in Singapore by introducing more affordable features, aimed at making the app more accessible to budget- and value-conscious consumers. The purpose of this move is to expand the reach of food delivery services to include more cost-conscious customers who may not usually consider using such services.

Tay Chuen Jein, Head of Deliveries at Grab Singapore, describes this positive development as an indication that Grab aims to cater to a wider range of food enthusiasts in Singapore. By utilising their technology and platform, Grab intends to offer various services at different price levels to cater to different consumer groups. Importantly, Grab is committed to maintaining high service quality and reliability throughout these additional offerings.

Grab Singapore has introduced a range of new affordability features that will allow budget-conscious food lovers to save money while ordering food through GrabFood, whether they choose to dine in or have their meals delivered. Affordable features offer benefits to both consumers and GrabFood’s merchant- and delivery-partners. Not only do consumers benefit from these features, but they also create more earning opportunities for GrabFood’s partners by increasing the demand for GrabFood’s services.

Introducing GrabFood’s Consumer-Friendly New Features

Saver Delivery Feature. Customers can use the Saver Delivery feature to pay a cheaper delivery price if they are willing to wait a little longer for their food. This new innovation saved GrabFood customers in Singapore approximately US$7 million in delivery fees between January and August of this year.

Opt for Saver Delivery option at checkout.

Pre-Order Feature. Pre-Order allows customers to place orders with participating businesses seven days in advance or 90 minutes before lunch, tea or supper is due to be served.

Access Pre-Order from GrabFood homepage if you are within the 380 locations where the service is available.

Customers that plan ahead only pay 99 cents for delivery and there’s no minimum order size either. They can also combine services from various vendors to expand their options.

Pre-Order is ideal for customers who will be dining alone and may have trouble reaching the minimum order requirement.

Group Order feature. Grab is updating their app with new features that will make it easier to place group orders. With Group Order, customers may get their friends, coworkers, and family to chip in on the delivery cost. Some of the most recent updates that are currently being rolled out include:

Try out the revamped Group Order experience when you tap on the “Group Order” option on the GrabFood merchant page.

Quickly add nearby friends to your group order by scanning a QR code with your Grab app instead of exchanging links or keeping track of individual orders. Hosts can specify a cutoff time for receiving order submissions. All parties involved in the order will be able to monitor its development using their respective Grab applications.

Grab’s smart bill computation will show the host exactly how much money each person owes, and the host can choose to split the bill across all orders or by person. All members of the group order will contribute equally to the delivery fee, tax, and tips.

Wait, there’s more. Grab’s Dine-In function allows users to find nearby discounts, read reviews, buy vouchers and book rides to their preferred restaurants quickly and conveniently.

Tap into Dine-In from the GrabFood homepage to discover and purchase deals around you.

Grab now has a new technique to attract customers who would rather eat in a restaurant than order takeout. 35% of those who eat at restaurants at least once a month have never used GrabFood before or haven’t used it in the past three months.

Starting on 20 November 2023, customers may take advantage of a buy-one-get-one discount on dine-in goods, just one of the many interesting monthly dine-in promotions available until the end of the year.

Illustration of the upcoming Budget Friendly Page which will launch in early 2024.

The Budget-Friendly page. GrabFood is also working on a new Budget-Friendly page where money-conscious customers can find information on delivery charge discounts, merchants with low prices, and current deals and discounts. Users may rapidly identify options within their price range by using the site’s budget-specific meal and delivery criteria.

The new ‘Budget-friendly’ page, set to roll out across the region in the first few months of 2024, will help shoppers make the most of the savings they find.


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