RSP Architects Announces New Expansion Plans Along With a Strengthened Brand Identity


Singapore-headquartered multidisciplinary architectural and engineering design groupRSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd (RSP) recently announced the launch of an ambitious expansion plan, including a new expertise ecosystem symbolised by a refreshed brand identity. The new RSP brand identity was officially unveiled in conjunction with the opening of the company’s new premise, with Minister for National Development, Desmond Lee, to officiate the ceremony.

RSP Executives and guests poses for a group photo.

Throughout its nearly 70 years in business, RSP has been an integral part of Singapore’s construction and design industry, boasting projects from Jewel Changi Airport to Funan. When it comes to sustainability, education, innovation, and the Metaverse, AI, this architecture and engineering firm has gone to greater lengths to achieve success.

The company demonstrates the use of new technology at the company’s official opening of the new office.

Some of the best designers from RSP’s 17 design hubs around the world have come together to form the RSP Global Design Council. By exploring the heart of local culture, learning how people interact within spaces and making use of architecture to tell captivating stories, the council recognises the transformative power of design on a global scale and is committed to marrying local culture with global expertise in the firm’s design sensibilities.

Putting Sustainable Design at the Forefront

RSP has also evolved to meet the needs of consumers who place more value on sustainability, social responsibility and cross-platform accessibility. To adapt to the rapidly changing physical landscape, the company is launching a number of new business initiatives.

Presenting to the guests the promising technology the company plans to maximze.

With the establishment of its sustainability studio RSP.SM Energy group, the company has taken a stand for eco-friendly design, promoting the value of sustainability, and reducing carbon footprints. In conjunction with Singapore’s goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, RSP Singapore Executive Director Suen Wee Kwok and RSP’s engineering arm Squire Mech (SM) have launched a new studio with the aim of actively contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and energy usage in Singapore through the implementation of Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEI).

RSP is also looking into cutting-edge mediums like the Metaverse and AI to expand the scope of its design skills beyond the physical world. RSP META, the firm’s first foray into the Metaverse, brings together decades of architectural practice with cutting-edge computer science.

The company also uses their expertise in the built environment to aid an enhanced virtual assistant that improves upon current concierge experiences, developed in collaboration with Pantheon Lab to better the user experience through artificial intelligence.

RSP Singapore’s new chairman, Kiat Lim, spoke on the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the built environment. According to Lim, there has been a “radical shift” in the built environment around the world. He also explained that architectural design is no longer just about building spaces, but designing for sustainability, experiences, and in the digital world, to meet changing consumer needs that are increasingly environmentally conscious, community-minded and extending from the physical to the virtual realms.


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