Singapore Tourism Board Seeks to Entice More Visitors With “Made in Singapore” Campaign


The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has come up with its latest worldwide campaign to encourage visitors to choose Singapore as their next destination.

Named “Made in Singapore”, the campaign injects new life into the Passion Made Possible destination brand. It will highlight distinctly Singapore experiences from major sites to hidden secrets, and how ordinary moments in Singapore are transformed into spectacular experiences.

From the rain showers of Singapore upon arrival, heaps of wonderful things awaits.

The country’s tourism sector is primed for robust development, owing to solid foundations that make Singapore an appealing leisure and business destination. However, every country is vying for the tourist dollar, while having to grapple with changes in travel habits. A research done in November 2021 with over 3,000 respondents from ten global markets revealed that more than 60% of individuals want more purposeful travel and almost 80% of those planning purposeful travel want to visit places that inspire them.

The Real Character of Singapore

The Made in Singapore campaign, according to Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive of STB, is based on the tourism board’s Passion Made Possible destination brand, which reflects the Singapore ethos of satisfying individual interests and generating new possibilities.

Witness the colorful starry night scenes in Singapore.

STB wants to highlight how ordinary moments can be transformed into unique and unforgettable experiences that can only be found in Singapore, in order to attract visitors to visit.

Time travel through Singapore’s diverse culture.

Through the Made in Singapore campaign, Singapore’s key attributes will be highlighted, ensuring that it remains top of mind and connects with travellers around the world: an inspiring City in Nature destination that is both vibrant and cosmopolitan as well as deeply rooted in multiculturalism.

Discover a wonderland surprises.

For the Made in Singapore campaign to build emotional affinity and inspire travel, a bolder and playful approach is used to convey its spirit: a holiday filled with wonder when familiar things are twisted. From “forest bathing” at Jewel Changi Airport’s Rain Vortex to working up a sweat dining at Lau Pa Sat hawker centre to witnessing a colourful “air show” at Mandai Bird Paradise, the travel campaign brings across the message that imagination can turn into real and inspiring experiences in Singapore.

You can watch the new Made in Singapore ad here.


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