Suntory Has Come Up With a Skincare Product for Men and It Has Whisky Barrel Wood Extracts in it


Mention the name Suntory and the first thing that comes to mind is whisky. Now, add men’s skincare to the list of things you would associate Suntory with.

The household name of Suntory, which has been known for producing some of the finest Japanese whisky, has ventured into a new realm – skincare. Not known to many, Suntory actually has a wellness arm that manufactures health and beauty products. Last year, the brand launched its first ever men’s skincare product range named VARON in Japan and the product has been getting rave reviews ever since.

VARON recently made its way to Singapore and along with its debut on the island, Suntory has also introduced two new fragrance variants – Fresh and Classic – for VARON, on top of the Original fragrance variant.

Suntory VARON Fresh.

Lest you think this is yet another run-of-the-mill skincare product in an extremely saturated market, VARON is not just any skincare product. It actually contains whisky barrel wood extract, from the very Spanish and English oakwood used to age Suntory whisky. According to Suntory, the whisky barrel wood extracts have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and brightening effects, and are one of the formula’s key patented constituents.

Suntory Wellness has also developed its own proprietary technology combining lotion, serum, and cream into a single synergistic product, named WOW (Water-in-Oil-in-Water) technology. With this technology, VARON is a three-in-one product that does away with having to apply multiple products on your face, providing convenience for customers tight on time.

VARON seals in all that moisture for a dewy, well-hydrated finish. Its formula lessens the appearance of dark spots and dullness. It also encourages the development of firm, smooth skin.

An everyday essential to achieve a healthy skin.

Suntory VARON also contains an anti-oxidation ingredient derived from the company’s original oolong tea. Other skin-beneficial compounds, such Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, are also included in the three-in-one product. This substance works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen.

In addition, Inositol helps to relieve dryness and improve skin shine by suppressing sebum secretion in sebum-rich areas around the T-Zone and stimulating sebum secretion in the U-Zone. Squalane is included as an emollient to assist soften dry, rough skin, improve its texture and overall appearance, and strengthen the natural skin barrier.

There are three different scents to choose from for the new Suntory VARON products. The Original scent is a woodsy cotton fragrance with a light, airy quality that evokes a carefree, youthful vibe. The Classic scent is an intense Fougère fragrance that combines musk, fern, lavender, and oakmoss. The Fresh scent features a gentle sweetness of Blue Rose Applause, a Suntory exclusive.

Suntory VARON comes in two sizes: 120 ml (S$105) and 20ml (S$28). For details on where to purchase, visit


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