Kiehl’s Singapore Celebrates Creativity and Promotes Sustainability Through “Trash to Art” Pop-Up


Kiehl’s has been one of the skincare brands that has consistently taken into account sustainability when it comes to their product development. Now, Kiehl’s Singapore has taken their commitment to sustainability a step further with their latest “Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash to Art!” pop-up at ION Orchard mall in Singapore.

The pop-up, titled “Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art,” conveyed the message of sustainability and its relevance through the use of aesthetic flare and futuristic components. Aiming to be fun while driving across the sustainability message, visitors to the pop-up will be treated to an immersive experience of the brand’s universe through a series of interactive stations, eco-friendly art installations, and exclusive perks.

To get you engaged on the journey, this multifunctional creative event space features a number of interactive stations. Kiehl’s Super Tree, an installation made from Kiehl’s empty containers, serves as a welcoming sight for visitors. You will be greeted by futuristic high-tech screens as you enter the intriguing building.

Information on the brand’s best-selling products, such as the Calendula Herbal-Extract Alcohol Free Toner, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and Ultra Facial Cream, are prominently shown on the screens. And if you look closely, you will see some recognisable design elements, like the outlines of the recycled Kiehl’s goods used to make this eco-friendly masterpiece.

The Kiehl’s Time Travel Tunnel shows the company’s evolution from its beginnings as a small pharmacist in 1851 to its present-day prominence. The brand’s illustrious 172-year history, complete with crucial moments in its development, was summarised for guests on a single screen.

The UFC Waterfall is another noteworthy building seen at Kiehl’s. Empty containers of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream have been used in an inventive way to form a waterfall, which calls to mind the cream’s moisturising qualities.

To emphasise the importance of the event’s central theme of sustainability, the artwork has been put on top of the trash cans where attendees can deposit their empty cans and bottles. Help Kiehl’s meet their goal of recycling 60,000 empties this month by bringing your clean beauty product containers to the empties drop-off site.

Art and Sustainability

Kiehl’s Singapore also commissioned three local artists to make art pieces inspired by “Trash to Art” for display at the pop-up. The “Big Apple” and “Empire State Building” made clever use of empty Kiehl’s products. There is also “My Forever Blooms,” a structure made from sustainable materials and inspired by Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal-Extract Alcohol Free Toner.

Joyce Oralla Lim is one of the artists commissioned to create an art installation for the pop-up. 

“Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash to Art” is happening at Basement 4 of ION Orchard mall from 3 to 13 Sep 2023.  


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