Noa at Mondrian Hotel Brings You Through a Beautiful Mediterranean Gourmet Journey


How often does a dining experience take you on a journey that transports you to a different country? One of the latest openings in Singapore, Noa – located at the spanking new Mondrian Singapore Duxton – aims to do just that with the diverse flavours of the Mediterranean.

NOA’s interior is elegantly designed.

An Ambiance That Sets You in the Mood

With a dining capacity for 78 people, Noa seeks to reinterpret the Mediterranean basin through the use of warm colours and elements such as terrazzo, garnets and ochres to represent the warmth of the Mediterranean soil and sun. Verdant shades are reminiscent of abundant vegetation while gold accents lends a luxurious and sophisticated touch to the overall aesthetic.

The restaurant interior features a carefully selected assortment of spaces, each showcasing a unique Mediterranean setting. You will be transported to various Mediterranean regions as you pass through the lounge, from the Eastern Mediterranean to South Europe, and even North Africa. Each space, from the bar to the island booths and various seating areas, is designed with a unique colour palette to encapsulate the essence of the region it represents.

You won’t miss the restaurant’s biggest standout feature – a stunning 4.5-meter-tall bar that serves as a focal point for socialising. It makes for a perfect spot to simply relax and enjoy the atmosphere while savouring a drink.

A Gastronomic Mediterranean Adventure

Chef Alain Devahive is the man behind Noa’s superb cuisine. He has worked in some of the world’s best kitchens, including a decade-long stint at the Michelin-starred elBulli Restaurant in Spain. According to Chef Devahive, Noa is a gastronomic ode to the Mediterranean way of life since it features an eclectic mix of flavours and preparation methods that reflect the region’s famed cultural diversity. He adds that Noa’s goal is to “guide our guests on a gastronomic journey that embraces every aspect of the Mediterranean experience, connecting people and culture through food.”

The best of Mediterranean cuisine.

Noa’s menu is a wonderful mashup of flavours that pays homage to the best of cuisines from all over the world, including Spain, Italy, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and more. Each recipe is a labour of love that incorporates skills acquired through study, products procured with care, and herbs and spices grown or harvested in the area. The result is a fascinating dining experience that takes the diner on a gastronomic adventure.

Noa ‘Bomba’ Crispy Meatball.

Communal dining is the order of the day here, with dishes meant for sharing. For starters, the Hummus with Crispy Chickpea and Smoked Sardine (S$16) is a highlight because of its smokiness, crispiness and creamy texture. Tender pork and beef are mixed with spicy harissa and smooth allioli in the Noa ‘Bomba’ Crispy Meatball (S$16). Last but not least, the Homemade Pickles Salad (S$16) features an aromatic and flavourful assortment of pickled treats.

Heavenly Hummus.

The burnt cauliflower and sweet dates in the Burnt Cauliflower Salad with Dates (S$23) are a delicious combination. The roasted black cod with green mojo and leeks (S$48) is complemented by the dish’s fresh flavour profile.

For meats, opt for the Lamb Kofta (S$35), a delicious dish especially when served with the fava beans and yoghurt. The Crispy Iberico Pork Belly with Roasted Pineapples and the Iberico pig cheek or chicken skewer prepared in the ‘Marraquesh’ style ($36/pig cheek, $32/chicken) are also favourites.

‘Marraquesh’ skewer.

And don’t forget the sweet treats. The Black Lime and Grapefruit Tart (S$14) is one of Noa’s many delicious desserts. You can also make a beeline for the $15 Cherry and Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich. This delightful dessert consists of two fluffy layers sandwiching a layer of cherry and pistachio ice cream.

Care for some after-meal drinks? Calypso (S$24), a celebration of pisco quenbranta and the lively zest of lime juice, and Zuma ($24), made with aged dark rum matured for over a decade, intertwined with the zesty embrace of lime, are just two of the lovely cocktails to end the night with.

Cocktail delight.

Noa Lounge
83 Neil Road
Mondrian Singapore Duxton
Singapore 089813
Tel: +65 6513 4178

Opening hours: Wed to Sun – 12pm to 12am; closed on Mon and Tue


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