Lost Vintage: Will You Find What You’re Looking For?


I have kissed honey lips

Felt the healing in her fingertips

It burned like fire

This burning desire

When Bono sang these famous lines from the U2 classic, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, I like to imagine that he had a glass of Macallan Double Cask 15 years old in his hand, eyes closed in contemplation as he wondered out loud about the liquid gold he had just savoured.

Did Bono find what he was looking for? I would like to think he did not. Unlike its 12-year old sibling which is young, approachable, and eager to please or its 18-year old elder brother which has become somewhat mature, sensible and complex, the 15-year old is somewhat of a petulant teenager, a little wiser than its younger brother yet awkward, not quite knowing its place in the world. Or as former Macallan ambassador, Randall Tan, would succinctly describe – the one suffering from the middle child syndrome.

Macallan being arguably the world’s most collectible and investible whisky, the 15-year old would nevertheless still have more than its fair share of fans. Such is the fascinating world of whisky where there truly is something to suit every taste bud.

That world has now become a lot more accessible with the official launch of Lost Vintage, an exclusive private member’s whisky lounge tucked away quietly in a thoughtfully transformed shophouse space along the hip and happening Tanjong Pagar Road.

If you sit at the right place, this beautifully crafted bonsai plant could be your view

With its extensive range of whiskies, and especially its ability to offer rare whiskies such as the Harmony Collection through its collaboration with Macallan, Lost Vintage looks set to be a haven for whisky afficionados.

A rare bottle of the Macallan Distil Your World New York Edition

Even if cocktails are your thing, they have that covered as well, with the smoke-infused MacFashioned (one of the co-founder’s take on the classic Old Fashioned) sure to intrigue. If you need to pair your whisky with food, the fusion steakhouse, Primal Cut, attached to Lost Vintage will ensure you’re well looked after in that department.

The intoxicatingly smoky MacFashion available only at Lost Vintage

If drinking for you is about getting high or drunk, then Lost Vintage is definitely not the place for you, certainly not with its classy lounge vibes. Whisky appreciation is about educating oneself on the various complexities and nuances in flavours of a good dram, preferably being surrounded by a few close friends and slowly savouring the night away. The founders of Lost Vintage being whisky lovers themselves and great long-time friends personify the very essence of the art of whisky drinking.

Whisky is best enjoyed together with your friends

Although named after the bit of whisky that is lost through evaporation every year during its aging and known as ‘angel’s share’, Lost Vintage strikes me as being more than just that. I see it as a place that offers the chance to reclaim the lost art of appreciation for fine whisky in the right setting, and perhaps the opportunity for friendships old and new to be found again.

Hitherto a private space open only to the founders and their friends and founding members, Lost Vintage is now offering limited membership opportunities.

Members get their own whisky lockers and to choose their own statuette to mark their lockers

If you’re serious about your whisky, and you’re serious about the right type of cosy and intimate environment in which to delight in it, then perhaps Lost Vintage is what you’ve been looking for.


 Enquire at www.lostvintage.sg for exclusive membership opportunities.


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